Power battery research and development center is visited by partners

by:CTECHi     2021-09-09
A few days ago, Dazhi Technology (300530)'s power battery sector, Leading New Energy, held an open day for its Ru0026D center in Suzhou. More than 300 industry representatives from well-known domestic vehicle manufacturers, power battery partners, scientific research institutions and enterprises visited on-site The new high-performance power battery research and development center of Lingpai New Energy. Xu Huanxin, chairman of Dazhi Technology, said, “The development prospects of new energy vehicles and energy storage are very broad. After preliminary preparation and paving, the company has established a preliminary supply chain, Ru0026D, production, customer and channel system for future development. The foundation has been laid; the company’s core teams are all from leading companies in the automotive and battery industries, and have a deep understanding of the battery industry. In the future, the company will accelerate the production of different types of products and improve the supply capacity of differentiated products to effectively achieve the current market. Develop and lay out the future high-end market to meet customer needs for products of different levels and achieve long-term sustainable development of the company.' Released high-performance, high-safety battery products and super fast charging technology. It is reported that Leading New Energy plans to develop products. A huge breakthrough will be made every year in the future: in 2021, achieve 240Wh/kg high-voltage medium nickel and other basic core explosive products; in 2022, achieve low-cobalt and high-nickel products with an energy density greater than 260Wh/kg, and achieve >300Wh/kg in 2023 High-nickel silicon-carbon products, and achieve >400Wh/kg high-safety solid-state battery products after 2025. Leading New Energy also released two core products and a core technology on the spot, which can be used as a high-voltage medium-nickel VDA355 battery cell module product for an explosive mainstream battery, and a high-performance battery that can be customized and adapted to a coupe. Products (58*220*82) and super fast charging technology, the first two products are expected to achieve mass production in the past two years. Among them, the VDA355 battery uses a 4.35V high-voltage medium nickel material system, and the battery energy density is as high as 240Wh/kg or more. The modular structure adopts technologies such as lightweight design and integrated design of the collection line to make the energy density exceed 222Wh/kg and the group efficiency exceeds 93%. The high energy density of batteries and modules makes it suitable for a wide range of models, which can meet the requirements of the current mainstream models with a long range of 500 kilometers to 600 kilometers. Moreover, while ensuring high energy density, Leading New Energy also uses exclusive electrolyte film-forming additive technology, low-impedance electrodes and high-power diversion technology, high-performance thermal insulation buffering and other technologies to achieve high performance and high safety requirements. . 'This product will be mass-produced in 2021, when Lingpai New Energy will become the first batch of battery suppliers to achieve mass production of high-voltage medium-nickel system products to meet the product needs of mid-to-high-end customers.' Lingpai New Energy Related Introduction. The high-performance battery product (58*220*82) that is suitable for the coupe uses a three-element high-voltage system, with a maximum energy density of 266Wh/kg and a maximum capacity of 172Ah. The battery performance parameters can be flexible according to customer requirements It is customized and has excellent performance such as a wide temperature range of -30℃~60℃. The product is planned to be mass-produced in 2022. In addition, Leading New Energy also released super fast charging technology. This technology can charge 5%-85% SoC in 15 minutes under the condition of 4C charging of the power battery. In the future, it is planned to reach the 6C charging condition of the power battery, and the charging time is less than 10 minutes, which will greatly improve customer satisfaction. The new energy power battery strategy continues to advance. It is understood that Leading New Energy is a power battery section of Dazhi Technology, which has two production bases in Suzhou, Mianyang, Sichuan and Hengyang, Hunan. In July 2019, Lingpai successfully developed the company's first high-nickel power battery product, and successfully developed the first industrialized battery cell in April 2020. The Suzhou Ru0026D Center was put into use in November 2020, aiming to build a world-leading, domestic product innovation platform, focusing on the research and development of batteries, systems, process equipment and advanced technologies. The Ru0026D center has advanced materials, batteries, system-related trial production analysis and verification equipment, and has advanced process research and development, mass production process improvement test capabilities, and can meet the research and development needs of industrial projects and forward-looking projects. On the production side, five companies including Pioneer Intelligent (300450), Han's Laser (002008), Nebulas Electronics, Yunxuntong, and Yinzhi Information have signed strategic cooperation agreements with Leading New Energy to help Leading New Energy in smart manufacturing, The development of smart factories is accelerating in many aspects. In order to ensure the long-term stability of the supply chain, Leading New Energy has also signed strategic cooperation agreements with four leading raw material companies in the subdivisions of Kedali (002850), Changyuan Lithium, Longdian Huaxin, and Tiannai Technology. It is worth noting that Dazhi Technology is advancing a non-public issuance. The total amount of funds to be raised will not exceed 1.073 billion yuan. After deducting the issuance cost, it is planned to be used for the lithium-ion power battery (2.4GWh) project and the high-performance power battery Ru0026D center project. Construction. Among them, the lithium-ion power battery production line will reach an annual production capacity of 2.4GWh after it is put into production. The MEB platform-based high-nickel ternary lithium-ion power battery and other products that the project plans to put into production are planned to increase the cruising range under the premise of ensuring safety, and are built in accordance with the standards for entering the international enterprise supply chain, and the products will have a strong market. Competitiveness.
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