Lithium battery rapid detection method

by:CTECHi     2021-07-13

Hitachi High-Tech Group has developed a diagnostic method that can quickly detect the performance degradation and remaining life of lithium-ion batteries. Previously, it took hours to diagnose deterioration, but the new method can be shortened to a few seconds to about 2 minutes. The envisaged applications of this technology include evaluating whether second-hand batteries used in pure electric vehicles can be reused in forklifts and household storage batteries. The company will expand demand with the popularity of pure electric vehicles.

According to a report on the Nikkei website on December 17, the new method uses a special calculation method designed by Hitachi's Ru0026D team. By analyzing the minute changes in the current and voltage of the lithium battery, the evaluation time is greatly shortened. As long as the measured charge and discharge data are sent to the cloud system for analysis, the results can be confirmed in real time.

It is reported that the previous evaluation method was to detect the capacity and degradation of lithium batteries, which needed to detect changes in current and voltage while charging and discharging for a long time. In a series of processes of recovering lithium batteries from pure electric vehicles, screening and reusing them according to the degree of degradation, this degradation diagnosis consumes a lot of time and manpower.

The report also claims that second-hand lithium batteries used in pure electric vehicles have a large capacity and are suitable for long-term use. If the deterioration is mild, it can be reused for forklifts in warehouses, power storage systems in homes and factories, and power sources for communication base stations.

The report pointed out that with the strengthening of environmental protection policies, the global popularity of pure electric vehicles is accelerating, and the demand for rapid diagnosis of second-hand lithium batteries will surge in the future.

The report stated that the use fee for the degradation diagnosis was not disclosed. As it may bring huge business opportunities, it is envisaged that a metering fee system based on the number of diagnoses will be adopted. Hitachi High-Tech Group predicts that by 2030, the overall global battery degradation diagnosis market will increase to 500 billion yen to 1 trillion yen per year (100 yen is approximately 6.3 yuan-this website note). Hitachi High-Tech Group will promote the effective use of second-hand lithium batteries through diagnostic technology and support related businesses.

In the vehicle rental business such as car sharing and passenger transportation, the use of pure electric vehicles with excellent energy efficiency and no exhaust gas is expected to further expand.

The report pointed out that in these services, the need to accurately assess the remaining battery life is expected to increase.

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