Lithium batteries have exploded, and the market usage rate is getting higher and higher

by:CTECHi     2021-07-11

The lead-acid market is dominated?

What is the origin of this lithium battery!


The Ministry of Information Industry and other four departments issued new national standards in advance.

The transition period is until April 15, 2019

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: 'Advocate the use of high technology performance

Low pollution New energy power lithium battery'

The new national standard has been clarified:

Replacement of lead with lithium is a pre-fix !

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other four departments officially issued: 'New National Standard'

Promoting the vigorous development of lithium batteries for electric vehicles, like a lightning< /p>

Born out, hitting the terminal, it is bound to replace lead acid!

A new business opportunity, a product revolution is about to break out!

With the introduction of the new national standard, lithium-ionization has become the focus of the industry, and Xiangli is undoubtedly catering to the general trend of lithium-ionization in the era of the new national standard, demonstrating the The Lilai brand has a positive and enterprising ambition to face difficulties in the new era.

Why is Xianglilai able to have such a rapid development momentum?


First of all

Let’s talk about enjoyment first Lithium comes with a complete quality assurance system. After the baptism of the industry, it has become more stable and strong, and has established a complete quality assurance system in the research and development, production, testing, and service links. At present, for the three important elements of the new national standard for electric bicycles, 3C certification, and battery lithium-ion qualification, Xianglilai is actively promoting it at the same time. It is sure to get it!



Enjoy lithium to have a complete Industrial Distribution. The development of Xiangli in the past two years can be said to be rapid progress. The more the harsher the industry environment, the more fully the strength of Xianglili will be fully demonstrated. The acquisition of KOSUN Lithium is bound to be more novel styles. Bring more complete products to the market. The establishment of the new workshop has expanded Xianglilai’s production scale countless times. Today, when the market is becoming increasingly saturated and the competitive environment is becoming increasingly fierce, Xianglilai has prepared sufficient reserves of funds, technology, and talents to form a nationwide network. The industrial layout has laid a solid foundation for entering the national market.



Enjoy lithium to have a pragmatic style of working. One Xiangli came from the company’s value concept: 'The fastest shortcut is to be down to earth!' Without any flamboyant rhetoric, a simple sentence reflects the pragmatic work style of all Xianglilai, without shirking or procrastination. , Dare to take responsibility. The value concept of Xianglilai makes dealers feel at ease and steadfast.

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