LifeCHARGE SlimLife 8,800 mAh Power Pack Review

by:CTECHi     2020-02-03
I think this is by far the coolest life cycle power bank I have reviewed and the first power bank I really hope.After spending some time in this test unit, I summed up a series of things I liked and didn\'t like, and finally summed up who the power bank was.I always like to start with technical specifications.
This provides an overview of all the information you need to know about this power bank.This power pack is a little smaller than the surface of my Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone.My Galaxy S4 has a 5-Inch screen so you can put this power supply below 5 inch.
The lithium-The polymer battery allows for ultra-thin design and also makes it very easy to assemble.However, I don\'t think it\'s too practical to carry the power bank in your pocket all day long.When I received my test unit it came with a mesh bag that I really liked.
This allows me to store the wires in the power bank.Instead of grabbing the power bank and finding a microBefore I go out, I just grab the bag and know that there is everything in it already.The first thing I noticed when I got this power Bank was the design.
The material looks plastic, but LifeCHARGE prefers the term \"surface mosaic.I still think it\'s a marketing term that gives them the benefit of doubt.Instead, I want to use the word \"Nexus\" because this grid mode reminds me of the Nexus wallpaper.
I have reviewed many of the power banks and there are still some companies that haven\'t reviewed yet.Almost all of these power banks do not have any type of model.Just a smooth piece of plastic finished.Those feel very simple and boring when this power Library has a very nice and fun texture.
In addition, I especially like this power bank because it has a very simple look and feel.It features a well placed LifeCHARGE logo and a non-LED battery power indicator.This front photo has a better view of the texture.
The power pack also shows the LED battery power indicator.I don\'t like it.I don\'t like how the LED lights bleed.I mean, let\'s say the power pack is 50% full, which means two LED lights should be turned on.There doesn\'t seem to be any type of separator, so it looks like there may be three LED lights on.
For some, it may be difficult to tell the real battery power.If you visit the site, the description will actually report that the LED indicator is blue.In my pictureThe released Power Group, the LED indicator is orange.
Just to give you a hint so you don\'t panic when you get a power group with a different LED battery charge indicator.This power bank is currently available for pre-But it will be shipped soon.The rear view provides more information.I want to highlight it on the label.In the lower right corner, this power group provides details of the capacity, current, and voltage output specifications.
On the left, there are three groups of labels via micro-inputUSB, output 1, output 2.These tags also provide the current output.According to the rule of thumb, you should always use output 2 if you have a device.
This is because output 2 charges your device twice as fast as output 1.In retrospect, output 2 has a 2A output, while output 1 has a 1A output.The position of the power button depends on how much you like the position.
It is placed on one side on the inside of the ridge, which may make it difficult to reach.When I try to press the button which is arranged vertically between the thumb and the ridge, I can\'t turn on the power group.This can be a challenge if you have a short and fat hand (not judgment), so you have to use a nail or thumb tip.
The advantage of installing the power button inside the ridge is that it does not accidentally turn it on.Having reviewed so many power banks, I have been keeping this one because of its size and the possibility of accidentally opening it up.When the power button is thrown into my bag, it is unlikely to hit something.
This is a major advantage I have seen.
Also, this power pack comes with a very good mesh bag so it can connect your cable together.Like all LifeCHARGE power banks, there is always a built-inLED flashlightAlthough I don\'t think it\'s particularly useful, it\'s definitely a good thing to have it.Who knows when there is a power outage and I need a light source?So far, since I have a lot of power banks, I haven\'t made any investment in flashlights or anything like that.
Although the port is very close, there is almost no way to confuse with the input and output.If your phone uses microUSB or lightning port, you know which side of the wire to plug into which socket.So I think there is no reason to think that it is important that these two ports are tightly integrated.
The test shows three states of how the power bank handles charging.If you want to know, this is the critical charge when it drops below 10%, the normal charge drops from 10% to 90%, and there is a trickle charge.Gradually, it makes sense that the charging time takes longer in the 25%-spaced series.
I was very surprised to see that it took longer to charge the Power Bank beyond the 25% mark.The charger I use is Anker 40-Watt 5-USB port for Desktop Charger.It uses PowerIQ technology to provide charging as fast as possible based on maximum current.
If you want to minimize the charging time, I strongly recommend that you invest in an Anker charger that can adjust the charging according to your device specifications.I know that some smartphone chargers can\'t provide output of more than 1A, which means that your charging time may double.I highly recommend investing 5-Port charger as it is the best option for your money.
With the power bank and the smartphone, two of the ports will be occupied.This will take up more ports if you have any other devices like tablets, so it\'s always a good idea to have more ports, which is necessary for this uncompromising solutionI suggest you consider that this is definitely an electric bank.I think this is one of the better LifeCHARGE products so far.
From the use of the material, the pattern on the body, the size and the function, it works well for many people.The slim and low-key design is your ideal travel companion.The lithium-The polymer battery allows for slower discharge.
The only thing I don\'t like at the moment is that the battery level indicator is out of its own section, which sometimes makes it difficult to check the battery level.The competitive price is $34.99, charging your device about twice per charge is a good investment
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