Leading New Energy 'Core' Strength Open Day is about to hit

by:CTECHi     2021-09-14
Power lithium batteries have entered a new cycle in which the demand for high-quality output is strong and the power of hard core products resonates. If you want to share the long-term market dividend, what ultimately tests the company's technology, innovation and cost control. From the observation of the head battery company's trends, new technologies have begun to emerge in endlessly, and they are advertised as the leader with technical concepts such as CTC, blade batteries, 8-minute fast charging, 'non-fire' batteries, and '1000+ kilometers' battery life. Regarding the new power of lithium battery power, in the era of technology, speed, and endurance, how to highlight the advantages of personalized products through technical strength and form a differentiating point with the power lithium battery giant has become an important part of its next market breakthrough. path. On March 12, Leading New Energy will hold the Suzhou Ru0026D Center Open Day in Suzhou. With the theme of 'Leading the Times, Surging the FutureGaogong Lithium was informed that on the open day, Leading New Energy will announce its new products that have attracted much attention to the outside world, showcase core technologies, initiate strategic contracts, and display a new high-performance power lithium battery research and development center to all walks of life. As a new power company for power lithium batteries, Leading New Energy is driven by technology to accelerate the realization of the drive from value power, market power to brand power. The emerging new forces lead the way. New energy adheres to technological leadership and is driven by innovation. It is ready to rise in the wave of rapid global new energy development. Lingpai New Energy was established in 2018 and is currently the power lithium battery section of Guangdong Dazhi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on the research and development, production and sales of power lithium batteries and energy storage batteries for new energy vehicles. Leading New Energy's Hengyang production base started in June 2019. In July 2019, Lingpai New Energy's first strategic high nickel product was successfully developed. In April 2020, the company's first flagship product was successfully developed and passed more than 100 industry standard tests. The speed of rise is evident. Following the major announcement of the brand strategy and product strategy in November 2020, the 'three-step' strategy of Leading New Energy has become very clear. (Review of details: 'Intelligent Future Leading New Energy Announces 'Three Steps' Strategy') Among them, Suzhou Ru0026D Center, as an important core Ru0026D base, takes the lead in meeting industrialization projects and forward-looking project Ru0026D as the key task. It is understood that Lingpai New Energy Suzhou Ru0026D Center is currently equipped with a full range of lithium-ion battery Ru0026D equipment and instruments such as material analysis and testing, small soft pack production, large square battery sample production, module assembly trial production, test verification, etc., with materials, Multi-dimensional analysis and innovation capabilities of batteries, modules, systems and data processing. In the development of the next generation of forward-looking products, the Ru0026D center has reserved sufficient talents and laboratory resources to provide guarantees for product development in various aspects of innovation. The Ru0026D center was built according to modern management ideas, introduced the industry’s advanced Ru0026D quality system, and adopted strict humidity and cleanliness control requirements. Since it was put into operation in the fourth quarter of 2020, the company has successfully completed the phased trial production and verification of the company's first high-voltage medium-nickel batteries and modules, and samples have been sent, and customer feedback has been good. Leading New Energy Suzhou Ru0026D Center has recruited talents. At present, it has attracted more than 120 outstanding experts and talents in various fields of the industry. Among them, the proportion of doctors and masters is more than 60%, and the proportion of engineers is more than 70%. A team of high, sophisticated and cutting-edge talents. Leading New Energy revealed that in the next three years, the number of technical teams in the Suzhou Ru0026D Center will exceed 500. New breakthroughs in hard-core technology Gaogong Lithium learned that at this open day event, Leading New Energy will also showcase its 'four zero strategies' under its core product competitiveness: zero risk, zero attenuation, zero anxiety, and zero error , And announced the mid-term and long-term technical plans. At the same time, Leading New Energy will also explain its explosive mainstream batteries in detail, announce personalized customized batteries, and unveil its super fast charging technology. Address one by one the application pain points of safety, performance, and charging that the terminal market has always paid attention to. In fact, in the past two years, more than 300,000 new energy vehicles have been frequently recalled, and the hidden danger of batteries is one of the important reasons for the recall of new energy vehicles. There are many ways to improve the safety of lithium-ion batteries, including improving the thermal stability of electrode materials, using safer electrolytes, separators, and so on. The technology used by Lead Pai New Energy to achieve 'zero risk' batteries will be particularly worthy of attention. In terms of battery performance, long battery life and ultra-fast charging have become an important battlefield for power lithium battery companies. New energy vehicle companies including Weilai Automobile, Zhiji Automobile, and GAC Aian have successively unveiled their 1,000+km battery life product planning. During the two sessions, 'newly built and equipped with high-power fast charging stations (such as 180kW) as an active supplement to existing urban charging equipment' and 'accelerating technological innovation and development of high-power fast charging technology' were proposed as new energy related proposals for the two sessions. It is foreseeable that under the premise of safety, long battery life and ultra-fast charging technology will become one of the important upgrade directions of new energy vehicles. And how the super fast charging technology to be announced by Leading New Energy will realize the evolution of power lithium battery fast charging technology will also be announced on the open day. Behind the frequent actions and full of confidence, what is confirmed is the rapid rise and preparedness of Leading New Energy. This young and powerful company will make an announcement on March 12th if it interprets this high-profile open day.
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