How does the BOM cost of power lithium batteries affect the electrification of car companies?

by:CTECHi     2021-09-18
As the global demand for new energy vehicles accelerates, the key upstream raw materials of power lithium batteries will usher in a clear 'price inflation' in 2021. Therefore, the procurement cost of battery packs based on the BOM may affect the subsequent electrification decisions of car companies: First, before breakthrough innovations such as all-solid-state batteries are commercialized, differentiated lithium-ion battery material systems will meet differentiated end-points Application scenarios. Among the mainstream power lithium battery routes, the ternary system route BOM battery pack is greatly affected by the price of upstream raw materials, and the lithium iron phosphate route BOM battery pack is relatively less affected. It is not ruled out that more models will switch to the lithium iron phosphate path for economic reasons. At the same time, car companies and their battery suppliers will spare no effort to continuously innovate power lithium battery technology to reduce costs and improve overall performance. Second, low-end models generally account for relatively high battery costs, which means that the cost of battery packs produced by car companies for this model is greater, and they are more motivated to reduce costs in vehicle configuration, or choose streamlined optional methods to achieve scale And the purpose of standardizing production, reducing costs, and improving profitability. Auto companies that manufacture high-end models have less cost pressure on battery packs, and will be able to upgrade the configuration or add options to adapt to the individual needs of consumers and shape their brand image. Third, considering the high cost ratio of power lithium batteries and the key impact on the competitiveness of models, it is not difficult to understand why global leading auto companies such as Tesla and Volkswagen are not satisfied with locking in long-term battery supply agreements and focus on investment Regarding the construction of 'In-house''s own battery production, it has even been deeply involved in the research and development of next-generation power lithium batteries and battery material systems. In addition, due to the huge capital investment required for electrification, intelligent Ru0026D and transformation, as well as the determination and courage of the management of auto companies that transformation requires, the global terminal vehicle market will also be reshaped in the future.
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