hoover linx vs electrolux ergorapido ion -- what\'s the difference?

by:CTECHi     2020-01-25
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If you\'re interested in buying a cordless stick vacuum cleaner and narrow the possibility between Hoover Linx and Electrolux El gorapido ions, then you\'re in the right place.
In this account, the differences and similarities between them in their respective specifications and functions are briefly emphasized ---
Ultimately helping you choose which one works best for you, as well as your specific needs relative to the overall value provided in their respective price tags.
Hoover Linx: cleaning performance and installation technology for 18 V lithium ion batteries (Fade-Free)
Electrolux Ergorapido ion: 18 V lithium ion battery (Fade-Free)
& Cyclone technology from two aspects, which one is more powerful-
As you can see, they are all equipped with almost the same level of battery power (& consistency)
So whether they are fairly similar in this regard and fairly offer a pretty good appeal, of course, they are better equipped to implement the satisfactory standards of \"fair and square.
Although it is claimed that Hoover Links did \"just\" win slightly.
Note that they all have dual settings (
Standard power and boost power).
In addition, both are equipped with their respective technologies that allow it to operate on a bag-free mechanism (
Let you see when the bin needs to be emptied and if it needs to be re-stored with a bag)
However, please note that the wind tunnel completely prevents the loss of suction, while Electrolux\'s cyclone technology can only \"maintain\" the suction for a longer period of time.
Another factor is that you can also get transition mode with Hoover Linx: from brush to no brush-
Come out of difficulties
Wood floor for carpet (
Especially useful when you need to suck your pet\'s hair)
However, Ergorapido does not have such a feature.
Hoover Linx cordless stick vacuum cleaner, BH50010Amazon Price: $199. 99 $124. 99 Buy Now(
Prices as of September 3, 2015)
Cordless bar vacuum, weight: 7.
25 lbs, depth: 8 \"x width: 11\" x Height: 42 \"Ergorapido Ion: adhere to vacuum, weight: 5.
1 pound, depth: 5 \"x width: 10.
75 \"x High: 42.
5 \"they are obviously \'light weight\' cordless vacuum cleaners, but Ergorapido is definitely 2 on the Linx edge of this department.
15 lbs lighter, a little smaller (
So it\'s easier to move and store)
It is also equipped with ergonomic functions such as a sturdy handle and a 180 degree rotary head (
Especially useful for awkward turns).
Also, so clean above the floorg.
The ceiling and curtains of Ergorapido Ion are much easier.
However, in Mark T\'s comparison of the two he claims to experience, although Ergorapido is a pleasure that can be used in hard-
The surface of the floor, it is very difficult to move around on the soft floor, and sometimes it is painful (e. g. carpets etc. )
Hoover Linx is \"good\" in both ways \".
Electrolux El gorappi multi-Ion 2-in-
1 bar/handheld vacuum 18 V cordless, EL 1030 AAmazon Price: $249. 99 $119. 53 Buy Now(
Prices as of September 3, 2015)
Practical specifications: battery life-Unofficial 20-25 minutesxa0. Recharge Time -
Unofficial aprox 4 hours
Garbage bin capacity: 1 liter unofficial.
Brush the edges clean.
Narrow and low base profile.
Ergorapido Ion: battery life-
Run for up to 30 minutes. Recharge Time -
Unofficial warehouse capacity of 3 to 4 hours: 0. 44 litres. Headlights.
Turned into a hand vacuum cleaner.
Narrow and low base profile.
Although there are no real official figures (i.
Exhibitions from Hoover or Electrolux)
We know about their battery life and the actual 3-to-
It takes 4 hours to charge from their \"stop\" to full power (
However, you can\'t get a replaceable battery for Ergorapido, but can do it for Linx--
With this, some people have a pre-
Once the first one has died, the charge is ready to put in the Linx to effectively double the running time).
Also, both come with an LED display that shows the amount of battery you have left & when you need to charge.
Regarding bin capacity, it is reported that Hoover Linx can carry more than twice the capacity of Ergorapido (
However, this specification is not official).
Regarding the actual emptying of the trash can, there is a fairly simple mechanism for both, through which the trash can simply fall off and then click the second button to release dirt and debris.
They also feature the same narrow, low profile base design that allows the stick vacuum cleaner to easily enter the interior and below such as furniture.
They also have some of their own complex benefits, such as Hoover having \"edge cleaning sticks\" that can be picked up effectively even on the side skirting.
Electrolux installed the headlights on the cleaner\'s head, allowing the user to see large dust blocks, etc.
In addition to being able to be a handheld vacuum, this is obviously great for complex vacuum devices (e. g.
Stairs and car cleaning, Linx can be said to be lacking in performance).
Hoover LiNX lithium ion battery, BH50000Amazon Price: $69. 99 $46. 00 Buy Now(
Prices as of September 3, 2015)\"*8-
V Rechargeable Lithium
The ion battery only takes 3 hours to charge * does not contain heavy metals;
Maintain constant power during use * can charge hundreds of times without reducing operation-
\"Design and Access Service: N/A\" time * Energy Star rating
While this is a fairly subjective question, I think it is safe to say that the Ergorapido ion is one that looks better in both.
In terms of the extra accessories you get with these two products ---
Ergorapido ion comes with a gap tool (
For tight clearance and area of dust suction)
And spray painting (
Mainly used for electric dust removal of exquisite items and areas)--
However, nothing is provided for Linx.
For more information Linx and Ergorapido\'s warranty is 2 years of parts and labor, so their respective brands will fix it for you for free as new.
In addition, they are equipped with padding and filtration systems to prevent allergens and dust from being discharged from the air-
Therefore, it is safe to use with patients with asthma and allergies.
Conclusion: should you buy the Hoover Linx or the Electrolux elgolappi ion seen from above, the Linx and Electrolux elgolappi ions have their own advantages and disadvantages, but I believe in the end it really comes down to what type of floor is the main one in your home.
If you have major difficulties
Based on the floor, Ergorapido will be your best choice-
Just because it\'s so easy to use on these types of floors.
However, if you have a little soft
Floor, in my opinion you would want to get Hoover links because Ergorapdio doesn\'t perform very well on this floor ---
However, Linx did a good job in both aspects.
Of course, there may be a completely different reason why you choose one instead of the other, and if so, please let me know in the comments below.
Also, if you have any questions, comments or comments about the comparison article \"Electrolux El gorapidou and Hoover Lin\", or have any special about any of these stick modelse. g.
Mechanical properties of Hoover Linx, where I may not have enough details yet)
Then, please do not hesitate to make these comments in the comments section below and I will definitely get back to you as soon as possible.
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