Description of waterproof lithium battery for water, gas and heat meter

by:CTECHi     2021-07-31

There are many types of electrical appliances, and there are many different use environments. Humidity and water stains can cause corrosion of battery leads, accelerate battery self-discharge, and produce a series of undesirable consequences.

Water has a certain ionic conductivity. Due to the temperature change of the battery in humid air, a film of condensed water will form on its surface, and the positive and negative electrodes will discharge through this water film to produce electrolysis. The positive electrode is corroded and rusted or the solder joints are rotten, and the negative electrode of the battery produces hydrogen or deposits (metal that dissolves from the positive end), generating 'green hair' and 'white hair'.

If the battery is immersed in water, the electrolysis reaction is faster, so it is necessary for the battery used in this harsh environment to be waterproofed.

The principle of waterproofing is to isolate the battery from moist air or water.

General practices are as follows:

1. The battery compartment of the electrical appliance is airtight and waterproof

2. The battery is waterproof, so that the battery wears a 'waterproof suit'.

The electrolysis reaction takes place between the positive and negative electrodes of the battery. As long as one electrode is protected, the electrolysis reaction can be prevented. If the battery's extreme materials (such as iron shell and iron belt) are easily corroded in a humid environment If rust occurs, both electrodes should be protected. The key is to achieve reliable and long-term protection.

Extreme batteries using stainless steel and pure nickel tape only need to be waterproof at the positive end (to prevent electrolysis). Batteries are extremely commonly used waterproof materials: epoxy resin, silica gel. Use the nickel-plated carbon steel to use epoxy resin and silica gel for waterproofing at the positive end of the extreme battery (to prevent electrolysis); use waterproof paint to prevent rust on the negative end.

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