British researchers have produced a new type of non-toxic battery prototype

by:CTECHi     2021-09-23
Researchers at Imperial College London have recently successfully developed a new type of non-toxic battery prototype. Due to the use of new technology, it can be charged or discharged in a few seconds, and it has good application prospects in the field of energy storage in the future. According to a report published by the research team in the American 'Energy and Environmental Science' magazine, although this new battery prototype is not as capable of storing electricity as the currently widely used lithium battery, it is made of non-toxic polymer materials and can be used in a few seconds. When charging or discharging is completed inside, the battery will change color when charging, and the user can intuitively see the charging status of the battery. The main working principle of the battery prototype is to allow the polymer material to quickly absorb and release the positive or negative ions in the salt water. Once the entire battery starts to charge, these ions will be attracted to the corresponding battery electrodes. The research team said that when wind and solar power generation (4.250, -0.07, -1.62%) cannot produce electricity continuously due to weather, the advantages of rapid charge and discharge of this new type of battery can be brought into play-fast storage of these power generation facilities The electricity generated can be transferred to the grid at any time as needed, which is conducive to maintaining the stability of clean energy power generation. One of the authors of the report, Alexandre Giovanniti, said that the materials used to make the battery prototype can be produced at low cost. Coupled with the use of non-toxic and non-flammable water-based electrolytes, it is possible to develop recyclable battery products in the future.
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