The U.S. Department of Energy will plan to invest in recycling lithium-ion battery projects

by:CTECHi     2021-07-24

According to foreign media reports, the US Department of Energy recently announced that it plans to invest US$20.5 million in recycling lithium-ion batteries. Its goal is to increase the recycling rate to 90%, while the current rate is less than 5%. The US Department of Energy stated that its goal is to develop advanced technologies that can achieve a 90% lithium-ion battery recovery rate, which shows that market-driven solutions are better than regulatory solutions. Regardless of the method used, any major progress in scaling up recycling solutions will be a boon for the waste and recycling industry. In addition to electric vehicles, used lithium-ion batteries are also part of the rapid growth in e-waste, and have caused many fires due to improper handling.

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