The real hydrogen fuel cell is being stigmatized by youth cars

by:CTECHi     2021-09-22
Recently, news of the world's first 'hydrogen' fuel cell new energy vehicle that 'just add water to run' has attracted attention. Although the local Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and the propaganda department partially denied this report, the public changed from simply questioning the 'water-hydrogen' fuel cell technology to questioning the hydrogen fuel cell industry. Regarding these doubts, the Youth Automobile is unclear whether it is the 'catalyst' or the energy source it uses. As far as the current electric vehicle technology is concerned, it is divided into three categories: pure electric technology, hybrid technology and fuel cell technology. According to the so-called 'water-hydrogen fuel vehicle' technology promoted by Youth Motor, if the technology is true, it should be classified as hydrogen fuel cell technology. The current true hydrogen fuel cell technology is actually the most promising new energy vehicle battery technology from the perspective of energy conservation and ecological environment protection. First of all, from the source of hydrogen, the electrolysis of water is usually used to produce hydrogen. Solar power and wind power are used to electrolyze water to produce hydrogen, making full use of the excess capacity of solar and wind power. Secondly, hydrogen is injected into the automobile fuel cell to 'burn' in the fuel cell to generate electricity, and then drive the car. The fuel cell has no mechanical parts such as pistons or turbines and intermediate links, and redox reaction occurs directly under the action of the 'catalyst'. The chemical energy released by the process is converted into electric energy. The energy conversion efficiency is high and the product is only water. The whole process can be said to be zero pollution and zero emission. At present, Toyota's Mirai hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle and the hydrogen-powered pilot hydrogen-powered bus for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics both use this technology. According to the introduction of the so-called 'water-hydrogen' fuel cell technology by Pang Qingneng, the head of Youth Automobile, the key to adding water is the catalyst. According to reports, the catalyst is not a fresh chemical, but metallic aluminum. However, pure metal sodium, magnesium, aluminum, etc., can react with water to generate hydrogen. Metal aluminum not only participates in the reaction and produces aluminides, but cannot be counted as a catalyst. So where does aluminum come from? At present, the main aluminum production in the country is electrolytic aluminum. Not to mention the cost, the electrolytic aluminum industry is a high energy consumption and high pollution industry, and there is no environmental protection and energy saving at all. As far as technology is concerned, it is unquestionable that good technology attracts market capital investment. The organic combination of technology and capital promotes the transformation of technological achievements, and new industries or great companies can be born. However, the 'technology' that Nanyang Youth Automobile can run with water is like a big punch, giving a critical blow to the just starting hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry. Nowadays, the scam-style propaganda of Youth Motor has made the real hydrogen fuel cell industry unsuccessful. In a way that Youth Motor almost fooled the public, it made the public aware of the 'water hydrogen' fuel cell technology. Although this technology 'Li Gui' is not the real hydrogen fuel cell 'Li KuiThe joke has become another good item of 'deception'. Not only that, the government's support for hydrogen fuel cell technology will also become a rat-in-the-mouse. The farce of the youth car is very unfavorable to the development and marketization of the technology. However, on the vent of hydrogen fuel cells, this scam also reminds the new energy automobile industry that no matter what kind of technology, it also needs to do research and development down-to-earth. The road map of PPT building, cheating, making money, and running away has already Can't get through.
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