Power lithium batteries will become the core force of lithium batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-08-14

At present, the key technologies of lithium battery energy storage technology closely revolve around the power grid communication base station backup power supply, household optical storage system software, pure electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations, pneumatic tools, home office equipment and other industries. During the five-plan period, my country's energy storage technology market will become the first force in the public utility industry, and will be penetrated by the power generation and distribution parties on the customer side. The data shows that the application of lithium-ion energy storage technology in about 17 years, the market share of lithium-ion batteries in 2018 will continue to maintain a steady growth trend.

According to the application field, lithium batteries can be divided into three types: consumption, driving force and energy storage technology. At present, the manufacturing industry attaches great importance to power lithium batteries and energy storage lithium batteries. According to the forecast and analysis of experts and professors, this year, the total application of power lithium batteries in lithium batteries in my country is expected to increase to 70%, and power lithium batteries will become the core of lithium batteries. The main force.

The development of the lithium-ion industry is mainly due to the current policies that have promoted the development of the new energy automobile industry. On April 17, the Ministry of Industry and Communications of China also mentioned in a new mid-to-long-term development plan for the automotive industry that the sales of new energy vehicles this year will reach 2 million units. In 2030, new energy vehicles will account for the total More than 20%. Therefore, it can be seen that energy-saving and environmental protection industries such as new energy and green energy-saving have become the leading industries for social development.

In the future, power lithium battery technology will be in the middle position, and ternaryization has become a major trend. Compared with lithium cobaltate, lithium iron phosphate and lithium manganese oxide batteries, lithium ion batteries have the advantages of high specific energy, high working voltage service platform, high vibration and solid density, good cycling, and good photocatalytic stability. For pure electric vehicles, there is no doubt that most customers care about its durability and safety factor, which is obviously a good choice.

The demand for pure electric vehicles has risen sharply, and the demand for driving power lithium batteries has greatly increased, becoming the main driving force for improving the level of manufacturing. Lithium batteries are an extended commodity. Since the 1980s, they have undergone long-term placement and technological innovation. The entire process of production and destruction of lithium batteries has less environmental pollution and is more in line with today’s social and economic development. Lithium batteries have become the key to a new generation of electricity. In the middle and late stages, the upgrade of transportation technology is the key to the global application of high-tech upgrades. As a necessary equipment for the upgrade of transportation products, power lithium batteries are expected to have a huge development trend in the next 3-5 years.

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