Porsche plans to cooperate with custom batteries to establish battery factories

by:CTECHi     2021-08-25
The joint venture will be called the Cellforce Group and is awaiting funding from the European Union. Most car manufacturers produce the engines used in their cars. To be fair, when they switched to electric cars, they decided to also make their own electric motors. In this sense, batteries can also be strategic. Unlike fuel, they are part of the car. This is why Tesla will soon produce its batteries and Porsches related to custom batteries and make them in Tubingen, Germany-at least with the correct conditions for Tagesspiegel's background. The German newspaper stated that the two companies formed a joint venture called CellforceGroup. This factory is just waiting for EU construction financing. This is possible because the new company is suitable as an IPCEI project (an important project of European common interest). IPCEI funds have helped BMW and Opel carry out battery production projects. It is not clear how many units the new plant will produce, but it is clear that the focus is more on quality than quantity. TagesspiegelBackground stated that it will manufacture 'a fairly small number of high-performance storage units with high energy density and low internal resistance.' Does Porsche have its own battery day? For a large number of batteries, Porsche may continue from LGChem, which has already supplied Taycan. Buy. Allegedly, the South Korean company is likely to help Porsche make future electric versions of the Macan. These new 'high-performance storage units' may be destined for more expensive vehicles in the Porsche lineup, such as the Panamera or Cayenne. Porsche will also develop a new electric supercar based on the 917 concept car. The description of these new batteries makes them look very suitable for this type of car. No matter what purpose Porsche wants to use it for, seeing it participate in battery production is a powerful sign of how the times have changed. Electric mobility has nothing to do with the following conditions: It only depends on when. The sooner the better.
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