Nissan model of power battery recycling

by:CTECHi     2021-08-14

Lithium Grid News: Among foreign electric vehicle models, the accumulated plug-in vehicles since 2011 are screened according to the 5W ranking. LEAF is a big block.

As the models are scattered all over the world and are moving in the direction of 8 years, Nissan will also gradually consider subsequent maintenance based on the battery system.

According to statistical data, these batteries are also at a critical turning point, and a research paper 'Accelerated Reported Battery Capacity Loss in 30 kWh Variants of the Nissan Leaf' A detailed comparison was also made. According to the health status of 1382 LEAF battery samples, covering the manufacturing period from 2011 to 2017, it was detected that after Nissan replaced the batteries, the SOH of the batteries dropped faster.

After the battery is used for two years:

The 30Kwh battery capacity decline rate is 9.9% per year (the 95% uncertainty interval is 8.7% to 8.7%). 11.1%; N u003d 82)

It is three times the rate of decline of 24Kwh batteries, with an average annual rate of 3.1% (95% uncertainty interval of 2.9% to 3.3%; n u003d 201)

As time grows, its decline rate is getting faster and faster. This trend is still more dangerous, because the problems caused by this 24Kwh battery cell will usually be obvious after 5 years, but the 30Kwh battery will soon appear.

Battery refurbishment service

Nissan recently announced that 4R Energy, a joint venture with Sumitomo Corporation, will set up a factory to provide battery refurbishment services. It was announced in 2018 Component is a plant specializing in the reuse and reprocessing of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. The new plant will be located in Nange-cho in eastern Japan and will be operated by the original joint venture 4R Energy. The battery price list provided is:

list 1 Nissan’s price for replacement or brand new electric vehicle batteries in Japan

From this perspective, this is a defensive measure. If a large number of electric vehicle owners (remaining on the market) Of 300,000 car owners) is a very serious challenge for this:

recycling the used batteries of electric vehicles, and screening the batteries in good condition for resale to EVs. Compared with the new battery, the sales price will be more than half cheaper

Customers who need new batteries can buy them at the price of new batteries

From this perspective, refurbishing battery factories' is A mechanism for cheap replacement of batteries is an inevitable method for subsequent maintenance of these remaining batteries. Consumers will continue to complain, on the one hand, they will find dealers in the after-sales stage, and second-hand cars will also be cheaper because of battery aging and degradation. The cruising range is reduced, and you may face the embarrassment of accelerated battery aging after purchase.

Battery refurbishment work

Think here To complete the refurbishment, it is necessary to conduct battery performance tests through a complete power battery system, and classify them. According to the data of 4R energy, the batteries are currently divided into 3 types according to their performance.

The damage is within a certain range. According to the previous data, less than 90% of the batteries will continue to be used in EV vehicles, and around 80% of the second type batteries will be used in low-speed electric vehicles.

Cells with more attenuation are used for fixed backup power in factories, etc.

The test condition is: put the battery in an ambient temperature of 30degC , Stand for 24 hours

Here should be considered as a whole in a constant temperature workshop, and then some modules in the incubator for some confirmation

< /p>

Note: According to the published pictures, the sampling line here is determined to be extra connected, but it is not obvious whether the pulse experiment of the module is extra connected, the second one The picture has a bus connection mechanism

According to the information released, the original BMS is not used for data measurement (as shown in the picture, the BMS has been removed)

Instead, it is evaluated based on an original module (2S2P module)

Through the junction box in the previous picture, directly connect each The module box test equipment is terminated, and the information is obtained by the pulse test method of the module. Here is a typical problem, whether the SOH in the BMS is accurate or not the attenuation of the capacity. According to the 4R, the internal SOH is only As a reference evaluation, re-calculate the capacity and internal resistance of the module based on the voltage and current data obtained by the module’s test and test equipment

The next step of decomposition is carried out according to the selection. This is also the first plan of Nissan. The main reason for the connection with a large number of bolts can be dismantled.

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