New energy vehicles that can be bought but cannot be repaired

by:CTECHi     2021-09-24
With the development of new energy vehicles and fuel prices, many people are considering whether to switch to a new energy vehicle, but they are worried about whether the cost will be too high in the future. After all, replacing a battery may cost old nose money. Today, let’s talk about those things about new energy vehicles. Regarding the batteries of new energy vehicles, major manufacturers have made long-term warranty. Chery’s warranty period for batteries is 120,000 kilometers in 8 years, and BYD’s is 150,000 kilometers in 8 years, which basically guarantees that under normal vehicle conditions, No worries. But until I saw a piece of news! Ms. Li bought Chery's new energy electric car in January last year, which cost about 48,000 yuan, also because it was soaked in water during the flood season and the battery needed to be replaced. But the price given by the 4S point is 100,000 yuan. Although Ms. Gao has been in agreement with the merchant for a long time, the merchant decided to give a discount, but the battery replacement price is still around 70,000 yuan. Batteries are more expensive than cars? I wonder if the manufacturer has a battery recycling department? I can buy a new car battery and sell it to him. I can even make a discount for 55,000. As many as you want! Even at the original price, is the 100,000 battery a bit too exaggerated? However, the auto industry has always had a zero-to-point ratio. For example, the Mercedes-Benz with the highest zero-to-point ratio has reached more than 6 times. All the parts and components are replaced, and the cost is about 6 times that of the entire vehicle. Even so, the most expensive engine only occupies less than one-third of the vehicle price. On the market, the general pricing is that a 200,000 fuel car will only cost about 50,000 to replace the engine, and a 120,000 electric car will cost 100,000 to replace the battery. Isn't it a bit too exaggerated? All other parts are replaced. Wouldn't it cost more? This ratio is too scary! Very likely to surpass Mercedes-Benz! One day, who can produce a form will surely surprise people, and you will find that electric cars are really not bad. But is it reasonable to sell batteries at such a high price? certainly! The reason why electric vehicles are cheap is that the state has corresponding subsidies for electric vehicles, but the content of the subsidies does not include the battery. The cost of replacing the battery alone is understandable, but it is too high to justify it. If the repair cost of a car exceeds the price of this car, would you still choose to repair it? Wouldn't it be better to buy a new one after scrapping it early? The significance of maintenance is to save money than replacing a new car. The battery replacement cost of this electric car is much higher than the price of a new car. In addition, a pure electric car does not have a license plate issue, so it is completely possible to change the car directly. Why change? How troublesome! Perhaps manufacturers think the same way, because selling batteries is nowhere near as fast as selling cars, and it can also achieve the corresponding sales target and increase the retention rate of its own brand in the market. Today, when the prospects for new energy are not clear, subsidies have declined, policies have become stricter, and the update iteration speed is too fast. Many early vehicles have been unable to keep up with the pace of development. The battery is like a car's engine, but the essential difference between the two determines the difference in consumer choice. The stability is not as good as the engine, and the problem of attenuation and battery life is still a headache for people, but the maintenance cost is more important than the engine. The proportion of vehicle cost is so much higher that even maintenance has become unnecessary. Sooner or later, this approach will cause consumers to panic about buying cars. They can't afford to repair them. What is your attitude toward new energy vehicles?
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