How to Restore a NiCad Battery

by:CTECHi     2020-01-08

When you use nickelCadmium (NiCad) rechargeable batteries and constantly charge them, they are less and less fully charged over time.In rechargeable batteries, the charge capacity of the crystal substance (also known as the battery charging memory) accumulates and decreases.In the end, when the rechargeable battery is no longer charged, the crystal has piled up.To repair the NiCad rechargeable battery, you need to remove the branch crystal using current.Find the black and red clips on the trickle charger.Test the NiCad rechargeable battery to ensure it is fully discharged.Find the positive and negative poles of the NiCad rechargeable battery.Protect your eyes, hands and skin before starting the rechargeable battery \"start\" process.This is a dangerous procedure.Fix the black clip to the negative end of the battery.Tap the red clip on the front end of the battery once or twice.There may be sparks at the end of the battery.Immediately hold the red and black clips on the battery for 1 to 3 seconds.Use a battery tester or multimeter to determine battery power.Repeat this process until the battery is fully charged.
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