How to kill and get rid of flies in your house / indoors!

by:CTECHi     2020-04-11
There are not many creatures on this planet that I really can\'t stand, in fact they don\'t bother me as long as the flies are outside my house, not inside.When they are at home, they seem to be buzzing around your food often, lying on your face, arms, legs, etc, across the TV screen or trying to fly into your refrigerator.My husband hates them more than I do, when we have a rogue fly that does our best to drive us crazy.
My husband went crazy chasing it in the room, trying to shoot it with a piece of paper, or shoot his hand together, hoping to leave some sort of \"flying sandwich\" in the middle \".If it all fails (which is not surprising), he will turn to the chemical foam that I hate more than the fly itself.Now I \'ve also sucked in a lot of toxic steam, plus somewhere in the room, and I\'ll soon have the body of a fly waiting for me to step on it with bare feet the next time I pass.
These creatures will drive me crazy even in death.Lucky flies who manage to avoid being part of a \"fly sandwich\" or \"gas victim\" have a bad habit of deciding to die on my window ledge, yuk, left dry bodies again for me to have to remove later.There are a lot of ways to get rid of flies now, some are not very popular today due to serious side effects, E.
Fly Paper, a sticky note hanging on the ceiling, the fly is first attracted and then glued to it, unable to escape, dead.Unless your ceiling is high, every visiting tall person has to stay awake and if they don\'t want to find a sticky dead fly body on their face, (trust me, many years ago, this happened to a friend of my sister at our house ).As described earlier, we have terrible chemical sprays and if they can kill flies as well, that doesn\'t do any good for us to breathe in.
Of course, there are old-fashioned flying rackets that look like small square tennis rackets.If you are lucky enough to run into a small agile error with one of them, it will embed a squeezed version in the grid to form the top of the swatter itself, you are the one who needs to clean again!After careful consideration, I decided to write this article and give you some ideas to get to know about the less messy alternative to getting rid of flies in your home, so my usual research has started..These look very attractive and they do a very stable job of attracting, catching and digesting flies.
In terms of the number of flies they consume, I wouldn\'t say they are the most effective (that\'s why you might need quite a few ), but they don\'t leave any confusion (except for some dry fly remnants that may stay in the Venus fly trap again once they fall into the trapOpen after digesting all the juicy parts.You must have seen these in a local butcher\'s shop or a commercial kitchen.These wonderful gadgets have a UV inside to attract flies.
When the fly hits the bulb, it is immediately shocked/electrocuted, falling into the tray below like a stone, invisible until you empty the tray or replace the glue plate the next time.Some of these electric fly killers are even designed to look like wall lights, so once in your home, you will never know what they are for if you are just a guest.HyGenie D11 is difficult to distinguish from wall lights and is ideal for the lobby and dining area.
It is almost silent in operation, and trapped insects are hidden outside of sight.Kill moths, Wasps, mosquitoes and flies.1 xt11g lamp and 1 glue plate are available.Attached installation kit.Power supply for 2 m bending operation.You need a power outlet high enough or an extended flex.
Affordable, not too disturbing.
High-performance power grid flight killer (zapper) is available at very low prices ).Perfect for kitchen.The design area of EnviroZap is 40 m² square meters.Like all of our flight killers, it is ready to be used with standard 240 v plugs and two 8 watt lights.
With tool-\"HyStand is an independent, discreet uplink device designed to look like a lamp.It is suitable for public areas, especially where the unit installed on the wall is not suitable.Focus on F1 in the industryO-I love this product because it not only controls flies, but it obviously also controls moths, Wasps and mosquitoes, and it is well worth it just for the ability to control a variety of insects.
\\ \"Focus of F1-O-The area coverage of CUTOR is very good.Ideal for all kitchens up to 45 square meters.Real cost performance unit with high performance and strong quality.
Kill moths, Wasps, mosquitoes and flies.
1xT11BGX lamps and installation kits are available.To prevent the lights from breaking, you may want to purchase a repackaged lightAvailable FEP covers.Not only does it look attractive, but it can be brought from room to room without the need to plug in the power, if you want to sit on the outside terrace and enjoy a glass of wine, this is a clear reward for not being entangled by flying insects.
Use anywhere!How about a gadget that uses solar energy to charge during the day and then kills insects at night?A good solution to problems such as mosquitoes.This item is very cheap to buy and they even offer deals if you buy more than one at a time.The following description is given by the supplier;Use anywhere!Charge during the day, kill at night!Portable solar energyPowerful insect killers attract and kill mosquitoes, mid worms, and fly bitesThis is another household product that is very cheap, and this special model can maintain an area of 50 square feet.
The distance of flying insects.
The price of these rooms starts below £ 20 and the low wattage version of the small room is less than £ 10.Kill the flying bug without chemicals!Insects are attracted by ultraviolet rays and killed by the power grid.This unit can maintain an area of up to 50 square feet.
No flying insects.
No smell of hygiene.
Ideal for small rooms.
Lowest operating cost.
Bug Zappa!For those of you who simply can\'t resist the satisfaction of flying around in the living room to chase these little animals, then, I recommend this gadget as a good compromise.It appears in the form of a bat, but it also has the ability to vibrate due to battery power.\\\"Bug Zappa!Battery effective-From mosquitoes to Wasps, power devices kill any insect.
Soft-I hope this article gives you the idea of some alternative and more hygienic ways to solve flight problems, and of course, your efforts are less than the usual futile attempts to kill them yourself.However, you can always go back and do it if you still don\'t believe it...........Or This
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