how to extend the battery life of your gadgets

by:CTECHi     2020-01-02
If it\'s true that we watch smartphones 150 times a day, maybe it\'s not surprising that the battery will run out before we look.
The limited battery life is also bothering our other portable devices, including smart watches, laptops, and tablets to a lesser extent.
In other words, the more we use-no, dependency-these do-it-
All devices for work and entertainment are increasingly demanding batteries.
But on the go, there are things you can do to help squeeze more life out of your digital device.
Here are some tips to help you, as well as some of the recommended products. BATTERY-
Some small adjustments to save the TIPSA to the device settings can have a big impact: dim the screen: reduce the brightness of your smartphone or laptop to at least half, because it will help to maintain battery life.
This can be found in the options or settings area or by swiping up on the screen (iPhone)
Or down from the top (Android).
You will soon get used to the dimmer screen.
In the related notes, you can also set the screen to turn off after a minute or so of inactivity.
Reduce push notifications: on your smartphone, reduce or disable push services that notify you of new information--
For example, an email received, a game update, or a real
Sports performance--
Because \"ping\" the remote server is required each time to send you updated information.
This can eat the battery in simple English (and data).
You may want to push messages, so you will be notified when messages arrive in your inbox, but at least for little-used apps (
In the settings area). Use the power-
Save mode: While you may not want it to be on all the time, many new smartphones offer some form of \"power-
Save \"mode, enabled in settings, usually turns the screen into black and white to darken the display and turn off non-
Basic wireless features.
Some phones may handle this mode a bit differently, but the battery-
The saving effect is the same.
Turn off some wireless features: turn off some wireless features on your phone, tablet, or laptop unless you need them, as they will also run out of your battery.
This includes GPS, Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-Fi.
Or, turn off all radios, including cellular connections, at a critical moment, by selecting airplane mode, like when boarding, remember that in this mode, your device will charge much faster as well.
Also turn off the vibration of your smartphone while you\'re doing it.
Applications are important: if you use your device for tasks that require higher system resources, the battery will consume faster-
Like watching videos or playing multiplayer games. -
Less heavy tasks than typing notes or browsing web pages.
Multitasking, such as listening to music while reading e-books, also helps run out of batteries faster.
Some apps also consume batteries faster than others, such as free downloads for many video ads.
Software update at room temperature: what to keep in mind in winter: try keeping your technology at a reasonable temperature or it will run out of your battery too early.
If you can help it, don\'t expose your gadget to extreme cold or hot conditions, just like leaving it in the car.
On the other hand, make sure you download the latest software updates for your phone, tablet, watch or laptop, as engineers always try new ways to improve power management.
Ideal mobile companion one-on-one portable selectionthe-go types.
$99 per piece.
Note: Kanex\'s GoPower watch is a compact and portable Apple Watch battery with a magnetic charging dock at the top that can rest your watch while charging.
Thanks to its integrated 4,000 battery, it can charge your Apple Watch 6 times--
It also comes with a USB port that can charge the iPhone at the same time.
The blue LED indicator shows the battery power and charging status.
When it\'s time to charge the GoPower watch (cable included)
, When connected to the power supply, it will intelligently charge the watch first and then the battery.
Power, storage, Wi-
Fi: The MobileLite Wireless Pro in Kingston is a smart 3-in-1 device.
This portable 6700 mAh battery is about the size of a secondary card that can charge your smartphone 2 to 3 times (
Depending on the model). It also has 64-
Built-in gigabytes
In storage, you can use media to load and then access it wirelessly on multiple devices (
Also plug in media with USB port and SD card slot).
Another router is the wireless router.
Just plug this doohickey into the modem through its built-in
Ethernet port on the side.
Big\'s: For \"power users\", mophie Powerstation XXL is a 20,000 portable charger that can charge the iPhone 7 about 10 times, or Samsung
In fact, you can charge up to three mobile phones, smart watches, e-readers, wireless headphones or tablets at the same time (up to 2. 1-
Amplifier output for each device).
Other features include 4-
When the power station XXL is needed, turn on the LED battery indicator and the miniUSB port to charge it (
Micro cable included).
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