Domestic lithium batteries still need to see the future

by:CTECHi     2021-08-11

On the morning of June 15, watching another new energy vehicle passing by the window, Zhou Zhen, director of the Institute of New Energy Materials Chemistry of Nankai University, habitually muttered to himself.

I have been engaged in the research of new energy materials for more than 20 years. Looking at the increasing number of new energy vehicles, Zhou Zhen was delighted but still worried. 'The basic material research of lithium batteries, we There is still a gap with the world-class level, especially high-end battery separator materials still rely on imports.'

In the opinion of Zhou Zhen and other industry experts, as the 'heart' of new energy vehicles, domestic lithium-ion batteries (hereinafter referred to as lithium batteries) are currently 'jumping' not stable enough. .

The 'four-nation game' across the Pacific Ocean

Among the top 10 companies in global power battery sales last year, Chinese companies accounted for With 7 seats, it surpassed Japan in market share and occupied the first place in the world. It is estimated that by 2020, China’s share in the global battery market will reach more than 70%; currently, China’s battery manufacturers have exceeded 200. The country with the largest number of lithium battery manufacturers in the world... However, this series of figures does not make people in the industry feel proud. Many people pointed out in an interview that although China has formed a relatively complete power battery industry chain, the battery industry scale It's big enough, but it's far from strong.

In the field of lithium batteries, there is a 'four-nation game' across the Pacific. 'From an industry perspective, the United States has relatively strong Ru0026D and design capabilities, and is still leading the original innovation and core material research and development of lithium batteries; Japan, as a major battery material manufacturing country, has strict production specifications and can be the first to manufacture new finished batteries; China As the second echelon with South Korea, follow-up follow-up...' Zhou Zhen explained, 'Compared with Japan and South Korea, China’s low-end lithium battery products have more advantages, mainly due to the relatively cheap labor and raw materials, but in some high-end Products, especially the core materials and manufacturing processes that are related to battery safety, still have a big gap.'

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