Discuss the development trend of lithium-ion battery electrolyte

by:CTECHi     2021-08-06

The national requirement for batteries is to reach 300 Wh/kg by 2020. Therefore, increasing the energy density of the battery is the future development trend of the battery, and the future development trend of the electrolyte is to match the battery to improve the energy density, safety, and consistency. The development of electrolyte application technology focuses on improving the energy density of the supporting battery and improving the performance of the existing system. Therefore, according to the future development trend of the battery, a series of problems that need to be solved are listed, such as how to combine the electrolyte with high voltage and high energy density. Various companies have different solutions. The current solutions are the application of additives and the addition of some new types of solvents. At present, some of the new lithium salts that we have studied more are considered to be more reliable in terms of the existing lithium salts, but the conductivity is very high and there is still some corrosion to the battery. In the past, the electrolyte was more to meet the needs of the 3C market. With the development of power batteries, the previous electrolyte factories and battery factories did not integrate well, and the packaging and transportation could not meet the needs of existing batteries. For example, Now the battery power density is relatively large, the energy density is relatively high, and the requirements for consistency are very high, far from the basic requirements of 3C batteries, there are contradictions in the middle. First, the electrolyte production enterprises need some highly automated and intelligent Higher equipment to ensure the consistency of the electrolyte. The second is to meet the needs of batteries during transportation. In fact, sometimes the electrolyte is greatly affected by temperature. As an existing solvent, temperature, melting point, and negative point are greatly affected by temperature, so transportation to the manufacturer may have caused unevenness or poor consistency. After all, the 3C market is in small batches and many batches. With the development of the new energy vehicle market, the demand for power batteries is very large. We need to stand higher. To meet the needs of new energy vehicles, look at the demand for electrolyte from the perspective of automobiles. , There will be a new understanding of electrolyte. Therefore, it is recommended that the industry be integrated. The existing electrolyte plants and battery plants must be integrated to meet the needs of new energy vehicles for batteries.

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