BMW uses separately-excited synchronous motors, and BYD battery motors provide external acceleration

by:CTECHi     2021-08-27
Tram transfer news: Since the Ministry of Finance announced the 'Notice on Improving the Fiscal Subsidy Policy for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles' on April 23, 2020, the 6th to 8th batch of recommended catalogs announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology began to review the models that have entered the catalog before After screening, the models that meet the requirements were re-elected into the new catalog; therefore, the announcement of the 6th batch of new models was only 42 models accounting for 2.31%, and the announcement of the 7th batch of new models was 236 models accounting for 16.58%. , The eighth batch of new models announced that 268 models accounted for 63.51%. Tramway will analyze the new passenger car models listed on the catalog based on the recommended catalog of new energy vehicles and the new car announcement data. (This article is part of the 'New Energy Passenger Vehicles Monthly Recommended Catalogue and Supporting Suppliers Analysis Report 2020 6-8 batch' by Dongchehui) 95 new energy passenger cars are listed, A-class cars are the mainstream, and fuel-powered cars For the first time, the 6th-8th batch of recommended catalogues in 2020 will be announced for 95 new energy passenger car product announcements, including 83 pure electric vehicle models, 11 plug-in hybrid models, and 1 fuel power battery; Roewe 950 becomes the first model to be listed Fuel-powered battery car. There are 26 A-class car product announcements, which are the key market segments for automakers; both A-class and B-class SUVs are 12; there are still 15 models of A0 and below cars, driven by SAIC-Wuling, BAIC, etc.; SAIC-Wuling 10 models are included, including 9 models from BAIC New Energy, BYD and Geely. Currently 400-500km pure electric battery life is the mainstream range, including Audi e-tron, Tesla M3, ARCFOXα-T and other new cars; Xiaopeng P7 has a battery life of more than 700km, becoming a new benchmark in the industry; BAIC EU5, Maple Leaf MPV battery swap version has a battery life of 350km , Mainly engaged in leasing. BYD Han EV, Song PLUS, Qin Pro and other models are fully replaced with blade batteries, driving the number of lithium iron phosphate installed. In the eighth batch of catalogs, nearly 29% of new energy passenger vehicles are equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries with an energy density of 140Wh/ kg, lower than the mainstream range of 160-180Wh/kg for ternary batteries. In the 6-8th batch of catalogs, the highest peak power model of permanent magnet synchronous motor is Tesla Model3 with 202kw; the highest peak power model of AC asynchronous motor is Weilai ES6/ES8 with 240kw; BMW iX3 is equipped with separately-excited synchronous motor with peak power up to 210kw, the separate excitation motor does not need permanent magnets to supply excitation, and get rid of the dependence on rare earth materials. The power consumption of passenger cars is mainly concentrated in the range of 13-15kWh/100km, accounting for 44.45%, of which A-class cars are the majority; among the pure electric passenger cars, the Audi e-tron has the highest power consumption per 100km of 21kWh/100km, plug-in The highest power consumption of Lynk u0026 Co 01PHEV is 18.7kWh/100km per 100km. CATL supplies Tesla’s lithium iron phosphate batteries, and BYD’s external supply of battery motors accelerates the Ningde era (including the Jiangsu era) with the most supporting models, including joint venture car company BMW Brilliance, traditional car company Geely Beiqi, and new power Tesla Xiaopengwei Wait, Duo Fluoride, Guoxuan Hi-Tech, and Funeng Technology only support 1-2 car companies; it is worth mentioning that Xi'an Zhongdi is supporting BAIC X7PHEV, and CATL is supplying lithium iron phosphate for Tesla M3 long-range version. Ion battery. In terms of motors, BYD has the largest number of supporting models. It supplies Dongfeng, Euler, Tianmei, Guoji Zhijun and other manufacturers, and its honeycomb electric drive supports Great Wall Euler. Overall, the concentration of three-electric component car companies has increased, and the third-party supplier market The space is further reduced.
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