Recycling old batteries has become a 'new' business opportunity, with a market of more than 100 billion yuan, why is it still waiting and watching?

by:CTECHi     2021-09-25
Clean energy technology has become the vane of technological development. Especially in the field of transportation, clean energy technology has not only played a greater role, but has also entered a practical stage in life. As the technology of relatively mature electric vehicles in the field of transportation, they began to replace the previous gasoline vehicles and diesel vehicles, and gradually put them into use in the society. In some special industries, it is even mandatory for the state to use new energy vehicles as a mode of transportation, and some areas with tourism as the main industry have also formulated a time limit for all replacement of new energy vehicles. For example, in Hainan Island, this is the case. The regulations are introduced. It can be said that with the guidance of national regulations and people's increasing attention to environmental protection, it is inferred from international automobile sales data that electric vehicles will occupy an important proportion of transportation in the future, and may increase by more than 800%. But with the increase in sales of electric vehicles, a new environmental issue has also entered people's field of vision. According to national automobile statistics, there are nearly 300 million new energy electric vehicles in my country, but trams can only be used for 1-2 years, which also means that 300 million sets of waste batteries need to be disposed of. At the same time, the batteries used in electric vehicles are mainly lithium batteries, and the chemical substances in them, if not properly disposed of, will cause certain damage to the environment. Moreover, in China, the use of electric motorcycles is quite common. In order to increase the driving range, most of these electric vehicles are equipped with lead storage batteries, and the number of used batteries in this part is also relatively large. How to promote the transformation of new energy without causing new pollution has become a practical issue that must be considered. Among them, the reasonable disposal of used batteries is a key and important issue, and it is also a problem to be solved. In this situation, recycling batteries has become a new entrepreneurial project, and many people have begun to focus on this potential money-making opportunity. In the future, the profit return from the recycling and processing of used batteries may be more profitable than selling new batteries. According to the global new energy survey data forecast: the global market in the battery field, around 2030, the consumption of new energy on batteries will reach 20 billion euros (about 160 billion yuan). It can be seen that in our country, because of the large population, the number of electric vehicles and electric vehicles is also quite large, so that the number of batteries has also increased. At present, our country is already a big country in battery use, and the number of batteries that are decommissioned every year is also a lot. In fact, scrap batteries can be separated and classified as recycled materials. After being cleaned up, they can continue to play a role in other aspects. This can not only greatly reduce the cost of battery manufacturers, but also reduce the exploitation of mineral resources and reduce the degree of damage to the natural environment. It can be said that recycled batteries are not only profitable in business, but also have positive significance in terms of environmental protection. But at present, there is no clear system structure for the recycling of old batteries, and there is a lack of standard process guidance. Although many people pay attention to this business, it is difficult to grasp the starting point. Someone has been punished by relevant authorities for privately recycling and dismantling a large number of used lead batteries. Therefore, although there are good business opportunities in this industry, many people are still on the sidelines. Moreover, the safe disposal of used batteries is not a simple matter. It requires a professional technical team to strictly separate them according to the steps, so that the secondary materials can be recycled without causing major pollution. With the further expansion of the use of new energy vehicles, the recycling of waste batteries will become a large-scale emerging industry, but how to control this market mainly depends on whether we can master scientific battery recycling technology, and in terms of battery splitting Have technical advantages. After all, when eliminating old sources of pollution, we don’t want to create new sources of pollution.
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