Recycling of scrapped power lithium batteries needs to be strengthened

by:CTECHi     2021-08-07

The suggestions of Zhang Tianren, deputy to the National People's Congress, Party Secretary and Chairman of Tianneng Battery Group Co., Ltd., cover all aspects of corporate and social development.

In the 'Recommendations on Evaluating and Eliminating Negative Effects after the Implementation of the Lead-acid Battery Consumption Tax as soon as possiblePost-evaluate the status quo; make corresponding policy adjustments based on the evaluation results; improve the system, strengthen supervision, combat illegality, and standardize market order. He also suggested supporting lead-acid battery manufacturers to accelerate the construction of recycling systems to promote the implementation of the extended producer responsibility system and implement regionally differentiated management of low-speed electric vehicles.

Zhang Tianren also proposed to strengthen the regeneration and recycling of scrapped power lithium batteries to ensure the national resource strategy security. He suggested speeding up the formulation of standards and unifying management standards; improving financial support and setting benchmarks; organizing joint research to break through key commonalities; rationally planning the layout to avoid overcapacity.

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