New liquid cooling technology improves battery safety

by:CTECHi     2021-09-15
The frequent fire accidents of electric vehicles force the upgrading of the safety technology of the power lithium battery. Foreign media reported that XINGMobility, a developer of modular electric power systems in Taiwan, and Castrol, a wholly-owned subsidiary of British Petroleum Corporation, have reached a cooperation. The automotive market supplies power and safety. XINGMobility was established in 2015 with a mission to supply tightly integrated electric powertrains to commercial, industrial and recreational vehicle manufacturers worldwide. XINGMobility's battery system can be applied to city buses, carpool motorcycles, construction vehicles and special ships. XINGMobility has continued to optimize its immersion cooling technology in recent years. The Immersio modular battery pack technology developed by XINGMobility directly immerses lithium-ion batteries in the coolant. The non-conductive coolant has a continuous high discharge power output, and due to its special heat transfer, non-flammable and non-toxic characteristics, it adds the stability and predictability of the battery system. XINGMobility claims that this technology helps to improve the uniformity of heat transfer and battery temperature, enabling the battery to be charged faster, last longer and exhibit higher power. The water-free solution also means that the battery pack is not easy to catch fire, and immediately dissipates the heat generated out of control or damage the battery or battery pack. As a leading supplier of lubricants, liquids and lubricants, Castrol will cooperate with XINGMobility to optimize the coolant and hardware of the cooling technology to improve the overall performance of the power lithium battery system. At present, XINGMobility has launched a set of Dynamicpowerondemand™ solutions for electric vehicle power lithium batteries, which can be applied to various vehicle models through modular and highly integrated vehicle battery systems and power technology, as well as immersion cooling systems.
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