Lithium battery technology has not stagnated, but the progress is not obvious enough

by:CTECHi     2021-07-12

In recent years, new energy vehicles have been hyped up. In particular, lithium battery electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly and more economical than fuel vehicles, and are concepts such as the future of automobile development.

If the new energy vehicle lithium battery technology cannot be broken through, it may be replaced.

At the same time, various countries have also adopted High subsidies to encourage the development of electric vehicles. However, as the research on lithium batteries for new energy vehicles has advanced, after several years of development, mankind has discovered that the short cruising range and slow charging speed that have actually plagued the development of electric vehicles have not been solved. The reason is that New energy vehicle lithium battery body.

However, from the general perspective, lithium battery technology has not stagnated, but the progress is not obvious enough.

Compared with the update speed of technologies such as software and chips, the development of lithium batteries appears to be a bit slow. From the most used lithium battery at the beginning, to the Panasonic 18650 cylindrical battery, the maximum capacity was only 2.6Ah 10 years ago, and the increase is now 3.6Ah. The increase span is 30%, with an average annual growth rate of only 3%. It is obviously not enough to promote the development of new energy vehicles at this speed.

With the continuous replacement of materials, graphene batteries gradually come into our eyes. Graphene is used in the battery to increase the conductivity of the electrolyte, or it is directly mixed with the negative electrode material There are many high-performance similar reports, but it is difficult to achieve breakthroughs in comprehensive performance. Due to the price and preparation process of graphene materials, it is impossible to realize the application of pure graphene electrodes in the short term. Although there is more hype about the concept of graphene, battery technology will definitely continue to improve, and we look forward to new technologies that can make breakthroughs in battery technology.

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