How much effect can the recycling of lithium-ion batteries play?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-07

With the continuous increase in the number of electric vehicles produced and the number of scrapped small lithium-ion battery equipment, the lithium-ion battery recycling industry has shown an increasingly strong momentum of development. The recovery of key metal materials for batteries such as cobalt and nickel can help stabilize the supply and price of these raw materials.

Automobile manufacturers, investors and mining companies have all expressed a keen interest in the potential of the battery recycling industry in order to meet the growing supply shortage of cobalt, copper and lithium Risky raw material demand.

If a flexible battery recycling industry can respond to changes in short-term demand for battery raw materials, the prices of key metal materials for batteries such as cobalt and nickel materials will become more stable.

The recent shortage of recyclable waste batteries and the lack of relevant lithium-ion battery recycling regulations have brought certain challenges to the accelerated development of the battery recycling industry.

Currently, companies engaged in the recycling of lithium-ion batteries in the world include Belgium's Umicore (Umicore) and China's GEM Co., Ltd. (GEM).

A set of data

311,000 metric tons

BNEF forecast , The amount of batteries recovered from end-of-life electric vehicles in 2025 (in metric tons)

4 million metric tons

Expected in 2025 Annual global sales of lithium-ion batteries


Daily recovery of 3 metric tons of lithium-ion battery cathode materials is expected The income that can be brought (the highest estimated value comes from American Manganese Corporation)

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