Honda presents 'black technology' Will Japan's battery industry and lithium batteries drift away?

by:CTECHi     2021-08-01

After many technological and industrial upgrades, the price advantage of lithium-ion batteries has become more and more obvious, from the original 50% of the vehicle price to the current 20-25%. However, the cycle life, specific energy, safety and other comprehensive indicators of most brands in the domestic lithium battery industry still lag behind Japan and South Korea. From the perspective of the current development of the battery industry in Japan, due to a series of restrictions such as recycling and environmental protection, the future dominance of lithium batteries will soon be broken.

Hyundai madly invests 46.4 billion yuan

To be the overlord of hydrogen fuel cell

On December 11, Hyundai Motor Group announced its long-term roadmap 'Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle 2030 Vision' plan. The group reiterated that it will accelerate the development of the hydrogen fuel society by leveraging its global leadership in fuel cell technology.

The 'Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle 2030 Outlook' roadmap will allow Hyundai Motor Group and its suppliers to invest approximately 7.6 trillion won (approximately 46.4 billion yuan) for Fuel cell system research and development and facility expansion are expected to create approximately 51,000 jobs by 2030. Hyundai Motor Group plans to guarantee the production of 500,000 fuel cell electric vehicles (including passenger cars and commercial vehicles) every year by 2030. It is estimated that the global demand for fuel cell electric vehicles will reach about 2 million per year during this time.

According to the roadmap, Hyundai Motor Group will significantly increase the annual production capacity of its fuel cell system to 700,000 units by 2030; and will explore new business opportunities for automobiles. , UAVs, ships, railway rolling stock and forklifts and other transportation manufacturers provide world-class fuel cell systems. It is expected that the demand for fuel cell systems from industries other than transportation, such as power generation and storage systems, will also increase rapidly.

The Hyundai Motor Group is the only company that has established a dedicated plant for the commercial production of fuel cell systems. By building a new fuel cell plant, Hyundai can quickly achieve market success on a global scale. The Hydrogen Council, composed of leading energy, transportation and industrial companies such as Hyundai Motors, predicts that by 2050, the global demand for hydrogen energy will increase 10 times, thereby creating various opportunities for sustainable economic growth.

A study by McKinsey, a global strategic consulting company, stated that hydrogen energy density is high and can be repeatedly superimposed, which helps to integrate all transportation vehicles (including rolling stock, ships and forklifts). ) Reduces the overall cost of ownership by approximately 10%. The study also estimates that approximately 5.5 to 6.5 million fuel cell system units will be needed globally by 2030.

Honda fluoride ion battery comes out

Energy storage ultra-lithium battery 10 times

Honda’s unusual personality and full of black technology have always been talked about by people. From motorcycles to cars, from lawn mowers to airplanes, Honda’s diverse family business is amazing. The engines with various black technologies have made Honda fans a treasure. Recently, Honda, which has always liked to go unconventional, announced a major breakthrough in the field of batteries.

Honda is not taking the lithium-air battery that everyone is developing. Instead, it is taking a different path and designing on the basis of 'fluoride-ion' (fluoride ion). A brand new battery was developed. Compared with the existing lithium-ion batteries, the energy density of this battery can be increased by about 10 times, and due to material reasons, the new type of battery is lighter, and it can be said that the existing ones are completely exploded in terms of quality and energy. A lot of lithium-ion batteries.

Scientists from the Honda Research Institute, as well as researchers from the California Institute of Technology and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Jet Propulsion Laboratory announced the above news a few days ago. In this regard, the chief scientist of the Honda Research Institute is very proud. He said that this newly developed new battery not only has an energy density more than ten times higher than that of lithium-ion batteries, it is lighter, and it will not be caused by overheating of lithium-ion batteries. For safety issues, even new batteries will be more environmentally friendly for future disposal.

However, the application of this technology requires a harsh working environment. According to Honda, this new battery needs to be charged and discharged at a temperature above 150°C. From this point of view, the technology is only in the early stage of research and development, and various technical limitations need to be overcome to achieve commercialization in the future. But now that Honda dared to announce this technology boldly, it is clear. It said that after so many experiments and improvements, the operating temperature of this new battery can be controlled below normal temperature. In terms of specific methods, Honda said it uses a liquid fluorinated conductive electrolyte with more stable chemical properties. Its ionic conductivity and operating voltage are higher, and a lot of thought has been spent on the configuration of the electrolyte, which has achieved this amazing result. Nevertheless, Honda has not yet announced the specific debut time.

I have to admit that the current battery technology in China is far behind Japan, especially in the hydrogen fuel cell, Japan has formed a mature industrial chain, and our technology is only Exist in the laboratory. In this regard, Yang Rukun, chairman of Jiyang Intelligent, believes that we should proceed from the current state of China's industry and technology, adhere to the lithium battery industry where we have achieved manufacturing advantages, and not give up the fuel cell industry is our development strategy.

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