Four methods to prevent spontaneous combustion of mobile phones

by:CTECHi     2021-08-11

   The recent news of Samsung Note7 battery spontaneous combustion can be described as a wave of unrest. As a high-end leading brand, Samsung's flagship Note7 spontaneous combustion will give chasers such as Huawei vivoOPPO an opportunity. In the Samsung Android camp, the status of the high-end king is at stake. As the second brain of our modern people, smartphones must not be separated from the body. When spontaneous combustion, the pants must be burned, so how to prevent the battery from igniting spontaneously? Follow the editor to take a look at a few tips for using mobile phone batteries:

   1. The battery is always plugged in to charge and it is easy to overcharge!

  We currently use lithium batteries in mobile phones. The so-called 'lithium batteries' are actually a type of battery that uses lithium metal or lithium alloy as the negative electrode material and uses a non-aqueous electrolyte solution. Lithium polymer batteries are the most commonly used lithium batteries by major mobile phone manufacturers. Its characteristics are that it is relatively stable, the battery capacity is relatively high, and it can be made relatively thin and light. However, the price of this is that polymer batteries are generally much more expensive than ordinary 18650 batteries.

Battery overcharge is easy to swell

   Then why can’t it be plugged in and charged all the time? Because if the mobile phone manufacturer is not doing well enough to prevent overcharging when designing the circuit. After overcharging, there will be many needle-shaped lithium crystals distributed on the pole pieces of the battery, and these crystals will cause a small short circuit in the battery. Cause the battery temperature to rise sharply. The phenomenon of battery bulging. If the battery is swollen, it is not far from spontaneous combustion. Be careful not to let the battery swell.

   2. The phone is easy to explode when exposed to the sun!

   The lithium polymer battery on the mobile phone is not only afraid of overcharging, but also afraid of high temperature. Because the high temperature will increase the internal pressure of the battery, forming the same bulging phenomenon as overcharge. When we usually use it, we must prevent the mobile phone from being exposed to the sun.

It is easy to spontaneously ignite if your mobile phone is exposed to the sun

   3. Don't use counterfeit chargers!

   We often see accidents in the news that the charger leaks and hurts people. In fact, most of these chargers are unofficial counterfeit chargers. Such a charger lacks a charging protection circuit, and the plastic casing of the charger is also very thin. It is easy to generate the risk of high voltage breakdown of the plastic case, and even the charger itself will explode. For example, there are fewer spontaneous combustion accidents in the Apple vivo, mainly because their chargers adopt more safety measures and use more solid materials. In terms of quality, it is definitely different from a few dollars of chargers bought on the street.

  4. Is it hot during use? Let the phone calm down!

   As the performance of mobile phones is getting better and better, the CPU heats up more and more. When we usually play games, the heat of mobile phones is getting bigger and bigger. In addition, now that mobile phones are becoming thinner and thinner, the heat of the CPU will soon be transmitted to the battery. These extra heat will affect the battery performance in the slightest, and may cause spontaneous combustion. When we are playing games, it is best to let the phone 'calm down' after playing for a while and take a break for ourselves. It protects the phone and also protects the eyes. Isn't this good? !

Playing games for a long time, the phone will continue to heat up


   As an object that we touch every day, we have always ignored The battery with it has always been an unstable carrier. We need to always pay attention to the problem of battery heating. Remembering the above 4 points can basically say goodbye to mobile phone spontaneous combustion.

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