BYD expands battery production capacity and invests nearly 10 billion to build its eighth largest production base in Changchun

by:CTECHi     2021-09-04
On May 29, the Changchun official media announced that the first phase of the Changchun International Automobile City Xinkai River Comprehensive Treatment Project was successfully launched. The article mentioned that the BYD battery project with an investment of nearly 10 billion will soon be located along the Xinkai River. Together with the BYD battery project are the Audi FAW New Energy Project with an investment of 30 billion yuan, the Hongqi Silk Road sports car project with an investment of 10 billion yuan, and the Hongqi University Project with an investment of 8.9 billion yuan. BYD has high-quality power battery technology and currently has seven production bases across the country, distributed in Shenzhen, Huizhou, Changsha, Chongqing, Xining, Xi'an and Bengbu. Changchun will become the eighth largest production base. BYD’s power battery layout in Changchun is also the first time it has been deployed in the northeast, which is an extremely important part of BYD’s national layout. It is understood that BYD’s power battery subsidiary, Verdi Battery, has ordered orders from FAW Hongqi, and BYD has invested 10 billion yuan in the construction of a power battery base in Changchun, or it may be used to support FAW’s new energy models. In addition, Netcom Verdi Battery has also received orders for models from Volkswagen, Toyota, PSA, Daimler, Hyundai Motor, Dongfeng Honda, Changan Automobile, BAIC Kunbao and many other car companies. In terms of battery production capacity, it is expected that by the end of this year, BYD’s monthly battery production capacity will be able to meet the demand for 80,000 new energy vehicles. Among them, the first mass production plant of 'blade batteriesThe 20GWh blade battery factory in Changsha and the 10GWh blade battery factory in Guiyang will be gradually completed and put into production this year; at the beginning of this year, BYD also opened a 20Gwh blade battery production base in Bengbu, Anhui. Fordy Battery, a subsidiary of BYD, is also preparing to build its first overseas battery factory. According to official data released by BYD, the company's total installed capacity of new energy vehicle power batteries and energy storage batteries in 2020 is approximately 12.598 GWh, and the cumulative total installed capacity from January to April this year is approximately 7.428 GWh.
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