BAK layout all pole ear 4680 cylindrical battery

by:CTECHi     2021-09-12
At the 2021CIBF battery exhibition that opened on March 19th. Dr. Lin Jian, chief scientist of BAK Battery, revealed that BAK is cooperating with a number of domestic and overseas customers on the application and development of all-terminal large cylindrical batteries. 4680 battery cell samples are expected to be mass-produced within this year. Compared with the previous 18650 and 21700 batteries, the large cylindrical battery represented by 4680 adopts the full tab technology, which can not only increase the size of the single battery cell and increase the space utilization rate under the premise of ensuring the safety of the entire battery pack. , To increase the mileage of the whole vehicle, and at the same time, the full lug technology can also solve the power performance bottleneck of the cylindrical battery. This is also an important reason why Tesla has set its sights on the 4680 battery. BAK Battery Media Communication Meeting reported that while BAK is strategically exploring large-size cylinders, it has also deployed all-pole technology and formed a unique all-pole technology route in 2019. 'The terminal applications, especially the high-end automotive electronics market, have considerable demand for large cylindrical battery cells. In the future, BAK will first use this product with technological innovation and cost performance advantages for high-end value customers.' Lin Jian said , In the future, all-pole large cylindrical batteries used in high-end models will become the core product of BAK's automotive electronics applications. As far as the industry is concerned, BAK believes that mass production of large cylindrical batteries is expected to begin in 2023, and large cylindrical batteries will be used in the car electronics market at the earliest. In terms of industrialization progress, BAK revealed that it has begun planning a mass production base for large-size cylindrical batteries, and it is expected to achieve mass production of large cylindrical batteries in the next two years.
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