The lead-acid replacement lithium battery scam, which is better?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-20

UPS power batteries used to be mainly lead-acid batteries, but lithium batteries have become more and more 'hot' in the past two years. Many people are ready to move, and they want to change UPS lead-acid batteries to lithium batteries. There are all kinds of things, and I worry that replacing lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries is a scam. Then, can the UPS power lead-acid batteries used in the past be replaced by lithium batteries? What are the characteristics of them, do you know?

Many customers want to say that it is not realistic to replace lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries when replacing batteries with existing UPS power supplies. From a functional point of view, lithium batteries and batteries are roughly the same, and they are both energy storage devices. Due to the different characteristics of lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries, different charging curves and circuits, the specifications of each lithium battery manufacturer of charging equipment are different, so the lithium battery is replaced Lead-acid batteries are still difficult.

Lead-acid batteries can be connected in series and parallel at will. For example, a 12V100Ah lead-acid battery can directly carry 32 pieces to form a 384V DC voltage. , You can also draw out the neutral line to make two 192V lead-acid battery packs, each with 16 pieces on one side, which can be connected in series and parallel at will. But the lithium battery cannot be like this. If it is a lithium battery of 12V100Ah, it can only be used alone if it is not specially treated in advance. If it is randomly connected in series and parallel, it will damage the lithium battery pack.

If the lithium battery has been specially treated, it can only be connected in series and parallel according to the regulations. For example, the lithium battery pack of the communication base station can only be connected in parallel and not in series, but Parallel connection also has certain drawbacks, and it cannot be connected in parallel at will like lead-acid batteries. Therefore, the UPS power supply is still not up to the requirements when the lithium battery is connected in parallel.

Which one is better, lead-acid battery or lithium battery? In fact, this is both pros and cons. In terms of volume, the lead-acid battery pack is larger; while lithium battery The volume is relatively small, so lithium batteries have advantages. From the quality point of view, it is difficult to define the quality of the two. In terms of price, lithium batteries are more expensive than lead-acid batteries, about 3 times. In terms of safety, lithium batteries are still slightly worse than lead-acid batteries. So it can only be said that there are pros and cons.

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