Reflection and vigilance behind the frequent fires of lithium batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-07-09

Continuous electric vehicle fire accidents have made domestic new energy vehicles seem to be developing in a direction that many people worry about. On August 25, in the Weimar Research Institute Park in Chengdu, a Weimar EX5 electric car suddenly caught fire and spontaneously ignited. Smoke billowed from the scene. Due to the fierce fire, the car was completely destroyed. This is the second fire that has been exposed by Weimar Motors this year. On the evening of August 26, an Ankai pure electric bus burst into flames in Tongling City, Anhui Province. After inspection, it was determined that the specific cause was a battery failure and the leakage of electrolyte eventually caused the fire. On August 19, a pure electric minivan caught fire in a new energy charging station near the Guanlan Central Garden in Longhua District, Shenzhen. …As early as the end of last year, many people in the industry have expressed anxiety to Gaogong Lithium Battery that under the rush of policy, capital, and market, the new energy automobile industry has a huge potential for safety risks. In the next two years, it may be possible There was a safety incident like 'firecrackers'. Now, this worry seems to be becoming a reality. According to incomplete statistics of high-tech lithium battery, since 2018, there have been more than 30 electric vehicle fire accidents in China, and the scope of the accident involves different models such as passenger cars, buses, and logistics vehicles. To sort out the reasons behind the fires of the above-mentioned electric vehicles, most of them ultimately point to the power battery, either because of battery leakage, or because of the high temperature of the battery, or because of overcharging. There are both quality problems in the battery itself, and improper operation in the use of it. Standing at the time node of this eventful autumn, from the frequent and constant fire accidents of electric vehicles, Gaogong Lithium believes that it is necessary to reflect on the problems of industrial development in the past few years. The stormy new forces built cars lacked product forging. The crazy influx of capital from all walks of life has allowed new forces to build cars everywhere. According to statistics, there are currently more than 280 new domestic car-making forces. Even if only the number of car companies with existing car brands is collected on the Internet, the number has reached Seventy or eighty. The other side of the coin is that so many new power companies generally face the problem of 'hollowing' the technology precipitation and accumulation in the core three-electric field. Except for the top companies that can establish a complete three-electric Ru0026D system team, most New power car companies generally lack a deep understanding of core components such as power batteries, electric motors and electronic controls. It is foreseeable that after the product delivery concentration expires, the quality and safety of these car companies' products may face hidden problems. . Although the fire accident of Weimar Automobile was confirmed to be a scrapped vehicle, it is necessary to be aware of whether the products of the new car manufacturers that Mou Zujin rushed forward can all withstand the safety test. Hurricane's rapid advances in power battery production capacity are 'short-term high-end, low-end excess.' In the past few years, irrational expansion has spread in the field of power batteries. Capacity expansion has become the focus of almost all power battery companies. Listed companies in various traditional fields have concentrated influx, and a few technicians from mainstream companies can 'set up the stage and sing.' The result of this is that the production capacity has increased, but there are only a handful of supporting car companies that can really meet the needs of car companies. Data from the Institute of Advanced Industrial Research and Research shows that the effective production capacity of power batteries nationwide is 110GWh by the end of 2017, and the effective production capacity will exceed 160GWh by the end of 2018. However, the capacity utilization rate is less than 40%. After the passenger car market was launched this year, the lack of high-end production capacity has become even more stretched. Therefore, among the nearly one or two hundred power battery companies, passenger car companies can still only focus on a few companies such as the Ningde era. Most of the high-priced power battery production capacity is completely useless. However, a few car companies that are bolder and a little faster are accidentally 'fired' because they have chosen non-mainstream battery companies. Energy density-oriented product development is neglecting safety. Under the policy baton, energy density seems to be the only pursuit of car companies and battery companies. With the policy subsidy threshold that changes every year, energy density indicators have become a decisive factor. 120wh/kg this year, 140wh/kg next year, iron-lithium transfer to ternary, ternary to high nickel. It must be faced squarely that in order to meet the energy density requirements, many companies are ignoring the prevention and control of battery safety. It should be known that the maturity of power battery products itself requires a full verification process, and unreasonable policy adjustments will inevitably lead to enterprise products that lack sufficient time for testing and assembly on the road. Such immaturity means unsafe and Unreliability means a risk of life and death. Power batteries 'cut corners' under downward price pressure. On the one hand, the price of lithium battery raw materials has risen one after another. On the other hand, after the subsidy has been declining year by year, the huge cost pressure of car companies has caused battery companies to become the largest 'sandwich biscuits' under the two-phase squeeze. The price of people who buy but not sell will drop, but there are a lot of cost-saving tricks. Many battery companies have begun to think about 'cutting corners' in the links of materials, batteries, and packs. Some are shoddy, and some omit the process, which makes the battery that was originally used as the power of the car become an 'untimed bomb' that may catch fire at any time. There is a saying that there are risks in building a car, and safety is very important. The steps should not be too big, and the alarm bell should ring forever.

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