Prospects and development trends of lithium battery pack separator industry

by:CTECHi     2021-07-14

The diaphragm is one of the important components of lithium batteries. With the development of my country's new energy industry and the continuous improvement of lithium battery pack production technology, my country's demand for lithium battery separators is also increasing. In the future, the lithium battery pack separator industry still has good demand potential. It is estimated that the market demand will reach about 2.7 billion square meters by 2020. The diaphragm industry, which is not a big industry, was once the field with the highest technical barriers and the highest gross profit margin among the four major materials of lithium battery packs, and it was also the latest field for domestic manufacturers to carry out 'import substitution'. Lithium battery separator introduction: The specific function of the separator is to separate the positive and negative electrodes of the lithium battery pack, prevent the two poles from being short-circuited due to contact, and also has the function of allowing electrolyte ions to pass through. The diaphragm has a large number of tortuous micropores, which can effectively ensure the free passage of lithium ions to form a loop. At the same time, it can also prevent the positive electrode and the negative electrode from contacting by closed cells when the lithium battery pack is overcharged or the temperature is too high. To achieve the role of insulation. The material of the diaphragm is non-conductive, and its physical and chemical properties have a great influence on the performance of the battery. Different types of batteries have different separators. According to different production processes, in general, there are two distinctions between dry-process diaphragm and wet-process diaphragm. The dry process is mainly used in China, while the wet process is more common in foreign countries. Importance of lithium battery pack separator: Lithium battery separator is one of the four key materials for lithium battery packs. The performance of the separator determines the battery's interface structure and internal resistance, which directly affects the battery's capacity, cycle and safety performance, and has excellent performance. The diaphragm plays an important role in improving the overall performance of the battery. The main function of the separator is to separate the positive and negative electrodes of the battery to prevent short-circuiting due to contact between the two electrodes. In addition, it also has the function of allowing electrolyte ions to pass through. In addition, since the electrolyte is an organic solvent, the separator must also be resistant to organic solvents. The main driving forces for the growth of diaphragm production are: 1. In 2016, new energy vehicles drove the production and sales of domestic power batteries to increase by more than 60% year-on-year. The domestic power batteries used domestically produced diaphragms were mainly made in China; 2. The localization rate of diaphragms was further increased, from 65% in 2014 Increased to 85% in 2016; 3. The export volume continued to increase. With the gradual improvement of domestic wet-process diaphragm technology, the proportion of wet-process diaphragm exports increased. For example, the export volume of Shanghai Enjie, Xingyuan Material, and Chongqing Niumi increased. The export volume of dry process diaphragms has also increased. The development trend of the domestic lithium battery pack diaphragm industry: ⒈3C digital and new energy vehicles account for more than 90% of the demand from the main downstream market in 2017. It can be seen that the current 3C digital and new energy vehicle fields in my country are lithium The main demand areas for battery separators account for more than 90% of the total; energy storage batteries rank third, with a demand ratio of 6.6%. Overall, the downstream demand for lithium battery separators in my country is relatively concentrated, and the development of the downstream market has a greater impact on the development of the lithium battery separator industry. ⒉The proportion of coated films has gradually increased. In recent years, the demand for lithium battery separators in the market has been increasing. In 2017, the proportion of coated films for major overseas lithium battery pack companies was close to 50%. However, the proportion of the demand for coated separators by major domestic battery companies still stays at about 20%. On the whole, compared with leading international battery companies, there is still more room for the development of my country's coating diaphragm demand in the future. ⒊The price competition is fierce. Everyone knows that the lithium battery pack separator is a sweet potato. In order to occupy the commanding heights of the next ten years, major companies have expanded their production. The new capacity in 2017 is more than the sum of the previous two years. Although the long-term demand is strong, However, the short-term swarm will definitely lower the industry's gross profit margin. The competition has caused the price of lithium battery pack separators to drop. The price of wet-process separators is relatively good, which is twice as high as the low-end dry-process double-pull, so this is also the reason why everyone is focusing on wet-process separators. Interest rates should be high. In particular, several leading companies such as Xingyuan Material, Zhongke Technology, Jinhui Hi-Tech, Cangzhou Mingzhu, and Yiteng New Energy have seen obvious expansion and disorderly expansion, which may bring this sub-industry into a more fierce competition! ⒋High-end products will be the future development direction of the lithium battery pack separator market. The low-end products of lithium battery separators have fierce competition, and high-end products are the development direction. In the early stage of the industry's development, Chinese enterprises were subject to factors such as matrix materials, equipment and production processes, and mainly focused on low-end diaphragm products. The homogeneity phenomenon was serious, which made the competition of low-end diaphragm products increasingly fierce and the prices of diaphragms continued to fall. As the demand for safety and load density of lithium batteries continues to increase, the demand for high-end separator products is also increasing. Therefore, high-end products will be the future development direction of the lithium battery pack separator market. Conclusion at the end of the article: With the increase in the supply of lithium battery pack separators in the market, the future competition in the separator market will intensify. In the future, in the lithium battery pack separator industry, with the expansion of production capacity and the price decline, only through technological innovation, the production capacity can maintain a relatively high level of profit.

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