Ningxia Yinchuan Economic Development Zone: Building a '31555' cluster to create a highland of new materials such as lithium-ion batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-08-09

On the 18th, the reporter learned from Yinchuan Economic and Technological Development Zone that in 2018, the output value of new materials above the designated size in the economic development zone reached approximately 8.6 billion yuan. Gao Yanjie, director of the Yinchuan Economic Development Zone Management Committee, said that through the implementation of the '31555' enterprise cluster construction, we will strive to achieve a new material industry output value of more than 50 billion yuan in 2021. In the next step, Yinchuan Economic Development Zone will continue to increase financial support, talent support, and element support. Build a comprehensive financial service platform, set up 5-6 special funds with a total amount of 10 billion yuan, establish a fund pool of no less than 1 billion yuan, and build a multi-level guarantee system. And set up a new material industry expert advisory committee to formulate strategic plans, strengthen 'school-enterprise cooperationEstablish a number of professional industrial parks and research institutes such as graphene energy storage materials, lithium-ion battery materials, magnesium-aluminum alloy materials, etc., to enhance development potential, further implement incremental power distribution business pilots, explore advantages, and create direct supply pilots, relying on Wu Zhong The industrial resources of Shizuishan City and Shizuishan City and the advantages of Ningdong project reserves will be used to make use of the coordinated development of the new material industry in the Yinchuan Metropolitan Area. It is understood that Yinchuan Economic Development Zone builds an innovation chain based on 'leading enterprises + industry alliances + research institutes + patent pools + fund pools + public service platforms + characteristic industrial parks + EPC construction mode, Relying on new material industries such as photovoltaics, sapphire, new semiconductors, lithium-ion batteries, etc., to cultivate leading new materials companies, gather Yinchuan Longji Silicon Materials Co., Ltd., Ningxia Yinhe New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Tiantong Yinxia New Materials Co., Ltd., Ningxia Hanyao Graphene Energy Storage Material Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading company with more than 20 new materials with unique advantages. The construction of '31555' enterprise cluster means building a 30 billion-level enterprise in the field of photovoltaic materials, a 10 billion-level enterprise in the field of lithium-ion battery materials, a 5 billion-level enterprise in the field of metal composite materials, and a new type of semiconductor material. One enterprise with an annual output value of 5 billion in the field, and a cluster of enterprises with an annual output value of 5 billion in the field of sapphire materials.

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