nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery - three things you need to know about nimh battery

by:CTECHi     2020-01-30
Nickel Metal hydrogen (NiMH)
Rechargeable batteries are secondary battery types similar to nickel-cadmium batteries.
However, it has two to three times the capacity of nickel and cadmium.
These cells are perfect for replacing your non-
Rechargeable battery.
In addition, it is much safer than nickel-cadmium batteries because it uses hydrogen-absorbing alloys instead of cadmium as negative electrodes.
The price is generally appropriate and the alkaline type will cost you a lot of money.
Also, if you use it on a digital camera, it will run out quickly.
Typically, the type of battery used in a digital camera affects the overall price of the product.
When the model of the camera is too expensive, you can buy the NiMH battery instead of the Li-
Ion counterpart.
However, depending on the brand and model, the cost of the NiMH battery may be comparable to that of the Li-ion.
Discharge time when you say discharge time, it refers to the speed at which a particular battery loses energy for a few days without use.
The discharge time of NiMH is not ideal.
It will soon lose its power.
For example, you left a battery in a week or so.
At the end of the month, at least 40% of battery life is expected to be discharged.
To reduce battery life, you can store them in cooler places like refrigerators.
The charging rate of the best NiMH battery is divided into three groups: slow, fast and fast.
The slow charging speed will last 14 to 16 hours, while the fast charging speed is only about 3 to 6 hours.
It is best to charge within one hour, belonging to the fast category.
The charging rate is affected by the current allowed by these batteries during charging.
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