How long can solar street lights last? What are the misunderstandings of using solar street lights

by:CTECHi     2021-09-10
Solar street light equipment is simple and convenient. Don’t lay cables like ordinary street lights, just have a fixed base. The light source chooses high-efficiency high-power LED solar street lights, high brightness, simple safety equipment, safe operation, and more than 50,000 hours of use. However, Xiao Deng found that there are still misunderstandings in everyone’s understanding of solar street lamps. Generally, the nominal life of LEDs can reach 100,000 hours, but the solar street lamp system is composed of solar panels, batteries, controllers, light poles, light sources, etc. The life of the solar panel is 25 years, the life of the battery is three to five years, and the life of the solar street light controller is two to five years. In actual practice, the actual service life of solar street lights will also be affected due to actual usage and lighting conditions in different places. In terms of service life, the service life of solar street lights is much longer than that of traditional street lights, and traditional street lights will basically have some failures in two to three years, which is mainly reflected in the light source appliances. Solar street lights use LED light sources, which have a service life of up to ten years and require maintenance only once in five years. This process saves a lot of money. When it comes to paying back, traditional street lights don’t have this concept at all. Although the materials of traditional street lights are relatively cheap, they have been a bottomless pit from the first day of investment. Electricity is spent every day. The longer the investment, the more you invest. There are too many, and frequent maintenance is required in the middle, and the maintenance needs to be manually blessed. The accounts are calculated to be far more than the solar street lights. Solar street lights have started energy-saving work from the first day of installation, without any electricity bills, and even the accessories are maintenance-free. Compared with traditional street lamps, which can save a lot of electricity bills in a few years, isn't such a product worth promoting? To talk back to the electricity generated, the cost of a set of 6-meter solar street lights is less than two thousand, then the cost of installation can be recovered in about a year. If you are still on the sidelines, please choose Taiyi New Energy decisively, walk into green energy, and create a more energy-saving and environmentally friendly environment together!
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