4S shop steals the owner's new battery, but it's not known to be recorded by the driving recorder

by:CTECHi     2021-09-21
Many veteran drivers tell us that we must stay in step when going to the 4s shop to repair the car. The novice drivers are very puzzled, how can it be used? What others can steal from you, engines and other parts are all coded. If a 4s shop wants to steal this kind of thing, then the car owner will also find that it is not necessary at all! Although this is the case, such things are emerging in an endless stream, and many car owners have experienced such things. During this period, a young man experienced this very annoying thing when he went to the 4s shop to repair the car. Originally, I went to a 4s shop to buy a v5 electric car, but due to my immature technology, a collision happened not long after I picked up the car. Therefore, the owner promptly returns the car to the 4s shop for repair. Because the collision is not very serious, the young man thought it would be repaired in a while, but he did not expect the car to be sent to the 4s shop and waited for several days, but the 4S shop did not give a call, and the owner was patient. Those who can't help but can only go and take a look. When the young man saw his car, he felt something was wrong. Because the mileage of my car has become much shorter. But I couldn't find any specific problems by myself, and I felt that after getting in the car, it was no longer the same as before. I thought that because my car had been repaired, this situation would happen, so the young man didn't think much about it. But the most dramatic thing happened, and the young man made an unexpected discovery when he cleaned up the monitor in the car after returning home. And in the process, I captured every move of the 4s shop, and the young man also learned about it. The 4S shop stole the owner’s new battery and thought it was perfect, but it was “exposed” in front of the dash cam! The reason why I feel that my performance is not as good as before is because the 4s shop has made tricks. From the monitor, we can see that when the 4S store clerk was repairing the shell of his car, he even removed his battery and replaced it with a set of batteries. The driving recorder played a big role. The 4S shop had to change the owner's battery and it was recorded. The owner: I can't run this time! At this time, the young man rushed to his garage to check his car. He didn't expect that after seeing his new battery, the young man instantly went on fire. The battery in the 4s shop is old, and the battery is new after not long after my car has been used. Therefore, it was not without reason that I felt that I had a problem with my cruising range. Maybe the 4s shop doesn't know that all the actions they made have been captured by surveillance. Because of the relatively strong evidence in hand, the 4s shop did not dare to have too many excuses. Although the 4s shop was very reluctant, what it did was real, and the two parties negotiated. So when you go to the 4s store, you still try to check your car to the end. I wonder if you have encountered something similar?
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