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by:CTECHi     2020-03-03
Mobile phone technology in break-Sometimes we can see it, but keep in mind that just a few years ago you can see all the new features of market consolidation and competition --Customers who race \"wow\" force them to choose a device.But before we talk about the current trends in phones and smartphones, we talk about the evolution of these devices.Because I was the first phone, \"cell phone \"-I want to tell you a little story about starting this discussion.
My first phone was a state.
of-the-The art of the time, but you can laugh if you have seen it today.I actually kept one of them, Mitsubishi transport.This phone is about a six-pack cooler and you can take your kid\'s football game with you, which is hard because I remember it was more than 10 pounds.
Of course, the phone has a battery capacity of up to 3 w.Remember, when lithium-Ion batteries, just off the assembly line, are expensive-With the exception of NASA and military equipment, it\'s not that large.The original mobile phone, I used a hydrogen nickel mobile phone with a relatively low power of modern battery technology.
The Mitsubishi phone is tied so you can wear it as a wallet, and before he rings, I often feel really stupid to carry it on my back, and of course, I pull the zipper on the top, pull the phone over and start talking.I remember when I was a secret CIA agent who worked at MI6 and everyone was staring at me and my name was not Lance but James Bond.You see, there were not many people with mobile phones at that time, and they were expensive.
One of my first phone Audiovox 1000 models, it is very large and installed on my carmobile phone.Box, a mobile phone is installed under the seat with a cradle to hold the headset.Phone headset in home phone after.According to the box, it is about 1/2 high and 17 high.
1-Laptop screen size.
This phone or car phone connects the battery directly to the fuse pair.The phone turns on automatically when I turn on the vehicle.If I turn off the car, I have to put the attachment in the correct position, the key, in addition to leaving the phone through the ignition.
When the phone rang, it was actually honking, which got me into trouble several times, when I was driving, the horn rang and the police car stopped at the intersection.I have a lot of early stories about the first phones to tell, you canPlease email me if you are interested in this experience.Guys, it\'s all taken for granted because they don\'t realize how complicated the original phone is or how stupid it is compared to today\'s smartphone.
Today they will give you a free phone when you sign up for the serviceYou then have to pay $1000 for your car phone and install a few hundred dollars.It\'s a pretty big process, and if you have a stereo and XM Radio in your car at the same time, that\'s how much work to do.So today\'s labor standards can easily pay $400.
This is definitely something to consider.
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