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by:CTECHi     2021-08-18

Speaking of the application range of lithium battery UPS, I believe that some people will associate this problem with the application range of lithium batteries. In fact, although lithium battery UPS is an application method of lithium battery, the application range of lithium battery UPS is still limited compared with that of lithium battery as a whole. Because the lithium battery UPS is mainly used to provide a stable and uninterrupted power supply to a single computer, computer network system or other power electronic equipment such as solenoid valves, pressure transmitters, etc. When the mains input is normal, the lithium battery UPS will stabilize the mains and supply it to the load. At this time, the lithium battery UPS is an AC voltage regulator. The lithium battery refers to a type of battery that uses lithium metal or lithium alloy as the negative electrode material and uses a non-aqueous electrolyte solution. Below, let the editor take you to the topic, to talk about which industries will be applied to lithium battery UPS, and which type of UPS is more suitable for that field. Data center: For data centers, failures will inevitably occur during the operation of the power system. Although the probability of failure is small and the duration is not long, the consequences are often very serious. When the power system fails, the operating state will undergo a sharp change. Therefore, the lithium battery UPS system can apply rack UPS, tower UPS, modular UPS, etc. to the data center power system in the data center. Among them, according to the scale of the data center, there are rack UPS and tower UPS from small to large. And modular UPS are more suitable for different scale applications. Communication base station: Compared with data center, there are more types of lithium battery UPS for communication base station, including rack UPS, modular UPS, integrated UPS, wall-mounted UPS, etc. Although there are many choices of lithium battery UPS for communication base stations, it still depends on the specific application conditions, and then according to the recommendations of the business, can we choose the most suitable lithium battery UPS. Medical equipment: In terms of medical equipment, the lithium battery UPS types available for selection include rack-mounted UPS and integrated UPS. Because hospitals use a lot of various medical equipment, and their power is generally relatively large, the frequency of electricity consumption in hospitals fluctuates greatly and the electricity environment is harsh. In addition, the hospital is a life-saving place, and it is necessary to ensure that medical equipment is always available, so as not to delay the patient's first aid time. After all, UPS equipment is priceless but life is priceless. Rail transit: The urban rail transit station contains many weak current equipment systems, such as communication, signal, integrated monitoring, environmental monitoring, office automation, access control, automatic fare collection, automatic fire alarm, etc. These systems are responsible for the environmental monitoring of passenger transportation in subway stations, Information transmission and passenger guidance, etc., are important or particularly important first-class loads and require highly reliable power supplies to ensure power supply quality and continuity. The lithium battery UPS that can be applied to rail transit includes rack UPS and modular UPS. Industrial automation: Industrial automation is a trend in which automatic control and automatic adjustment devices are widely used in industrial production to replace manual machines and machine systems for processing and production. Under the conditions of industrial production automation, people only indirectly take care of and supervise the production of machines. Once the power is cut off, the entire production workshop will be paralyzed, so lithium battery UPS is very important for industrial automation workshops. The lithium battery UPS types applicable to industrial automation include rack UPS and tower UPS. Special vehicles: Special vehicles refer to vehicles that exceed the design vehicle limits in terms of external dimensions, weight, etc., and special-purpose vehicles, specially made or specially modified, equipped with fixed equipment, and their main functions are not used for carrying people or transporting goods. Motor vehicles. Special vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, etc., special vehicles have a specific social role, so it is also very important that UPS can be guaranteed. The lithium battery UPS that can be applied to special vehicles includes rack-mounted UPS and vehicle-mounted UPS. The above are the common application areas of lithium battery UPS. I believe readers who read carefully will find that in the examples of application areas, I have added a word after the example of lithium battery UPS. This word is not added arbitrarily, it is to show that although the application of lithium battery UPS has a general field, it is not absolute, and you can also find that rack-mounted UPS appears in all the exemplified fields. However, this does not mean that rack-mounted UPS should be selected in all cases, which is not the case. Choosing a lithium battery UPS is not as simple as everyone thinks. It is also necessary to consider external influences such as the working environment, space size, and temperature changes of the lithium battery UPS. In addition to external influences, it is also necessary to consider the product's power factor, frequency range and other machine parameters and Which lithium battery UPS is more suitable.

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