Some tips for Extend Battery Life

by:CTECHi     2020-03-05
Do you often charge the battery?Or now in the days when the battery life is short, there are more and more functions of mobile phones, netbooks or other electronic products, such as portable media players, DV cameras, Java, Windows phones, making our lives interesting.The new high-Technology products provide us with many functions to make our life richer and easier.It seems that all you need to do is charge it.
Then one of the things we complain about is the battery life of the new toy.How to extend battery life?It seems to be closely related to how you use it?Here are some tips for extending battery life.1.For full charge and discharge through the first three times.
This is the most important thing you can do to improve your battery life, even if the importance of the cycle is less than before.The battery has memory and will be used to working at a certain capacity as if it was the maximum capacity.Li-The ion battery does have circuits that help with internal calibration.
Please completely drain the battery of the toy and fully charge it three times before use.2.When charging, try to turn off your model with input current.The model is also turned on with an outward current.
The input and output current at the same time will keep the circuit board heat.If you call while your phone is charging, some internal parts may be damaged.3.Please charge it longer after the display is fully charged.
In general, when it shows that the model is fully charged or the light icon changes color, it charges at a capacity of 90%.If you turn off the charger at this time, the battery life may be shortened.The correct way is to charge longer after showing the icon for full charge, which will extend the life of the batter.
For your model, avoiding extreme heat or cold can greatly affect the life and capacity of the battery.Using it when it\'s too hot or too cold will greatly shorten the life of the battery.5.If you don\'t need to use it every day or not often, it\'s better to charge your model at least once a month, and you \'d better charge it at least once a month.
Please don\'t think the new battery is full capacity.The toy you bought is brand new, but don\'t think its battery is full capacity.Because it\'s a long time (or even months) for you after it comes out of the product line ).
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