smallest bluetooth headset - find out which headsets are the smallest

by:CTECHi     2020-04-14
Nokia recently launched the smallest Bluetooth headset BH-804.
This device combines the latest technology with the aluminum housing, compact size and slim lines to make it look stylish.
This is a Bluetooth headset with a wireless voice connection and a stylish design.
The device has excellent audio quality and the latest audio features include DSP for eliminating background noise.
It has two simple buttons for basic call function and volume adjustment.
Additional specifications for \"Nokia BH-\"
804 \"includes three-color LED for indication of status, Desktop Charger, micro fast charging
USB interface and neck strap.
The device is compatible with mobile phones that support Bluetooth wireless technology.
\"Invision G5\" is one of the smallest Bluetooth headsets in the world with excellent call quality.
It comes with a Matt
Black plastic charger for G5 charging can be placed.
The charger is light in weight and doubles as a suitcase.
It also has a mini USB connector at the bottom of the charger.
Most Bluetooth headsets have a clip to put behind the ear, but the G5 fits inside the ear and is very comfortable to use.
Motorola H5 Mini-
Blue \"may be the smallest Bluetooth headset in size 33x 41mm with the latest features.
The device provides a conversation. time of 1.
5 hours, working distance can reach 30 feet. The built-
The speaker can reduce the noise and guide the sound through the ear canal.
The device has a metal charging box that is compatible with all Bluetooth phones that support hands-free profiles and Bluetooth headsets. \"Celleden ADB-
The 2388 \"is an ultra-small headset that is also considered the smallest Bluetooth headset on the market.
The unit weighs only 6 lbs.
5gms, size 35 × 20 × 7. 5mm.
Microphone volume can reach 95-
Provides 4 hours of continuous talk time and 50 hours of standby time.
The range of 10 m is incredible.
The device has a small charging container that can be powered from the car cigarette lighter or USB port.
\"Bluespoon AX2\" is a very small wireless Bluetooth headset measuring only 1.
Length 62 \", width 1\", 0. The thickness is 5 \".
The device comes with two rubber ear tips, a rechargeable coin battery, a USB charging cable, a neck strap, a quick start guide and a user guide.
Neck straps can be very useful for people who don\'t like to put headphones in their ears.
There are three simple operation buttons for turning on the headset, adjusting the volume of the call and answering, reselling or rejecting the call.
There are very few extensions that can be used in hand --free mode.
You only need to charge the headset for a few hours a week, which gives you up to 8 hours of talk time.
Standby time 500-based on recharge-1500 hours.
\"Samsung WEP-
The 200 \"Bluetooth is compact and lightweight and easy to use.
The stylish equipment is ergonomic designed to make communication comfortable.
Four hours of talk time.
Time, 70 hours standby time, voice dialing, call waiting and call rejection options.
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