Self-developed and self-produced, keep improving, BYD manufactures high-quality blade batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-09-06
Since its debut, the blade battery has captured the hearts of a large number of netizens due to its extremely high safety performance in conquering acupuncture tests. Some netizens said that a high-safety power lithium-ion battery should also have high-quality characteristics, so how to judge the quality of the power lithium-ion battery? If you measure whether the manufacturing quality of a car is excellent? For consumers, you can feel the gap between the inside and outside of the car with your hands, and feel the assembly process and material grade. A rigorous consumer may also lift the car to see the chassis materials and assembly process. But with regard to core components such as power lithium-ion batteries, it is difficult for consumers to even see the full picture of the battery pack, let alone distinguish the quality, but we can find the answer from the production process of the blade battery. From raw materials to finished products, the production of power lithium-ion batteries has to go through 8 major links: ingredient, coating, rolling, lamination, assembly, baking, liquid injection, and testing, which involve complex interdisciplinary technologies. Causes flaws that are invisible to the naked eye and affects battery quality. Therefore, advanced and rigorous production processes are essential to ensure battery quality. The high quality of BYD Power's lithium-ion batteries benefits from advanced and refined battery production processes. In Chongqing Fudi Battery Factory, which produces blade batteries, let's take a closer look. The 10,000-level dust-free production workshop is known for the high safety performance of the 'bridge-building and paving' process. The blade battery has successfully passed the acupuncture test, but its cycle life of more than 3000 times cannot be ignored. How does such a high-quality power lithium-ion battery do it? Among them, the contribution of the 10,000-level dust-free production workshop is indispensable. The production of power lithium-ion batteries must strictly control the amount of dust, because dust can cause a short circuit in the power lithium-ion battery and affect the service life of the battery. The 10,000-class dust-free workshop is a major feature of Fudi Battery Factory. In some important work stations, the dust control is more stringent and even reaches the production standard of LCD screens. A dust-free environment is the basis for the production of high-quality blade batteries, and it is also fully prepared for subsequent processes. High-precision, automatic, high-speed coating and strict protection of battery consistency. The consistency of power lithium-ion batteries refers to the consistency of the important parameters of each battery cell in the battery pack during the charging and discharging process, such as voltage, SOC, capacity, and temperature. The consistency of power lithium-ion batteries is critical to the performance of the battery pack. The charge and discharge performance and temperature of the battery pack with good consistency are easier to control, and it also reduces the burden on the battery management system. The coating process has an important impact on the consistency of power lithium-ion batteries. The coating process is a process of coating electrode materials to form electrodes. Fudi factory adopts high-precision automatic high-speed coating equipment to uniformly coat the slurry on the surface of the current collector, and at the same time evaporate the solvent quantitatively through the drying system to form a uniform electrode sheet. The high-precision coating machine independently developed by BYD can make the coating weight deviation per unit area less than 1%. This strict control can ensure the consistency of the battery cells. High-speed coating machines are very popular in the industry, and their high technical content also discourages some manufacturers. Once an international power lithium-ion battery company introduced a high-speed wide-width coating machine, it caused a sharp drop in the yield rate, and had to stop production for repairs, which eventually caused some luxury car brand customers to stop production. BYD's high-precision fully automatic high-speed coating machine not only has high precision and production efficiency, but also has a good product yield. It is at the leading level in the industry as a whole. This is the result of BYD's efforts to innovate and insist on independent research and development. Leading lamination process to comprehensively improve the performance of power lithium-ion batteries. In the development and production of blade batteries, BYD has made a number of major innovations, including the full use of lamination process to replace the traditional winding process. The lamination process has many advantages related to the winding process: firstly, the internal resistance is lower, the high-rate discharge capacity is more, and the large current discharge can be completed in a short time, making the power of electric vehicles more extreme; secondly, the volume utilization of the lamination process The rate and volumetric energy density are significantly improved. Even the lithium iron phosphate material can achieve the same endurance as high-energy ternary lithium; the final laminated process produces better internal temperature consistency, high strength, and battery cycle life. Security has also been significantly improved. The laminated process equipment and cutting method independently developed by BYD have set a new record in the industry by virtue of higher precision control and production efficiency, and once again let my country's manufacturing walk in the forefront of the world. In the continuous development of my country's independent brands, we have repeatedly seen BYD insist on innovation, independent research and development, and make major breakthroughs in the field of power lithium-ion batteries, allowing my country's intelligent manufacturing to be at the forefront of the world time and time again. It is this great spirit of innovation that has continuously improved the quality of power lithium-ion batteries and BYD cars, allowing the world to see the rise of my country's independent brands.
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