motion module

by:CTECHi     2020-01-04
The motion module is the most complex optical coupling device used in simple robots.
It is basically a light switch with motion sensing night lights.
This will trigger the sensor, turn on the light, and cause the robot to move when the person in the general area moves.
This is an easy way to start adding more complex behaviors to your robot and have them react to their environment. You will need:-
Sports sensitive night lights (
Battery operation)-
Simple light switch
The drill has a 1/4 hole in a protective lens directly above a light emitting diode in the night light.
Place the light switch face down into the hole to align the lens of the switch with the lens of the LED.
Hot glue in place.
Cover the entire night light lens with black tape to eliminate any ambient light in the room.
There should be a fresnel lens on the PIR (motion)sensor.
This should look like plastic honeycomb material.
Please remove this lens in order to expose the PIR sensor.
The sensor should be a circular metal tube with a shiny square in the middle.
What you really want to modify is the light sensor located next to the motion sensor.
The light sensor should look like a flat disc with interwoven teeth or clear LED (
Like our own simple light switch).
The light sensor allows the motion sensor to know that it is at night and should be activated.
We hope that the night light is always considered a night.
To do this, we need to cover the light sensor with tape.
Turn the fresnel lens back on and it should be OK now.
Keep in mind that the longer lead of the simple light switch should be towards the positive side of the circuit, and the shorter lead should be towards the ground.
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