germany to fund research facility for ev battery technology

by:CTECHi     2020-05-06
BERLIN (Reuters)-
The German government will fund a research institute to provide for German companies.
How to develop electric vehicle batteries (EVs)
The Minister of Science said on Wednesday that he wants to compete with Asian producers that dominate the industry.
Anja Karliczek says her department will invest 0. 5 billion euros. $568 million)
Support research on existing and future
Battery technology for electric vehicles.
\"The German auto industry should not rely on Asian suppliers,\" Karliczek said at a business conference in Berlin . \".
\"This is not only an independent issue, but also a question of keeping Germany\'s economy competitive.
\"The new facility is designed to transfer known
How to get from the Fraunhofer Institute of Science in Germany to private companies to help companies preparing to start the production of electric vehicle batteries reduce risk.
She did not give a timetable for the investment fund, nor did she say whether some cash would be provided directly to German companies, in accordance with the European Union\'s rules on developing new technologies in areas of strategic importance, support is allowed under certain conditions.
The Ministry of Science and Technology has funded more than 1 billion euros designated by economic minister Peter Altai Maier to support the Corporate Alliance ready to invest in large enterprises.
Large-scale production of electric vehicle batteries in Germany.
With cars no longer using internal combustion engines, Europe\'s biggest economy wants to protect carmakers.
The government will decide in the medium term
The research facility will be completed this year, Karliczek said.
The minister said the German company BMZ group, Liacon battery, custom battery, EAS battery and TerraE will be involved in the construction of the facility. Switzerland-
Germany-based battery maker lecanche will also attend.
Japanese Panasonic, Samsung SDI Co and LG Chem, South Korean manufacturers, and China Contemporary Amperex Technology Co (CATL).
Matthias Zentgraf, regional president of CATL, said that CATL\'s goal was to start production in 2021 from the factory in Elford, Germany, which was its first plant in Europe. GWh)from 2026.
CATL is expected to offer lithium to BMW and other manufacturers-
Ion batteries will consider working together to establish a research facility.
The European Commission has launched its own European battery Union (EBA)
In 2017, to support production in the EU.
So far, Sweden\'s Northwater is the only serious contender in Europe.
Germany wants to create conditions.
Mass production of batteries in Europe.
Economic Minister Peter Altai Maier expects the two consortia to make an investment decision in 2019.
Companies involved in negotiations with Altai Maier on the establishment of the German battery Alliance include chemical giant BASF and Ford\'s German subsidiary Ford-
Werke GmbH told Reuters. ($1 = 0. 8798 euros)
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