Can new energy vehicles be bought now?

by:CTECHi     2021-09-24
In 2019, the car sales rankings for January have been released. The rankings of new energy vehicles are still particularly conspicuous, and their sales are even more impressive. At the same time, sales of fuel vehicles have declined. Although in January, the sales volume of new energy vehicles increased significantly compared with that in January last year, it was in a declining state compared with December last year. The main reason for the decline was that the subsidy policy declined in 19 years, which caused a large number of consumers who intend to buy cars to buy at the end of last year, which resulted in the highest sales in December. The decline in sales of new energy vehicles starting this year compared with the same period can still reflect that the sales of new energy vehicles are increasing year by year. Among the new energy vehicle brands, BYD and BAIC are both popular choices, but BAIC has experienced a decline in sales after the New Year. For this reason, BAIC has also made an explanation, but it still cannot hide the fact that sales have dropped sharply. This also warned BAIC to make its subsequent new energy models more satisfying the needs of consumers. The decline in BAIC's sales has also made BYD's new energy vehicles more popular. In January, sales increased by 49%. The sales of BYD's fuel vehicles are declining, and the sales of BYD's new energy vehicles have far exceeded those of fuel vehicles. If you want to start a new energy car in the near future but are still struggling with what kind of car to choose, let's take a look at these high-selling models! 1. Chery Tiggo eQ1 manufacturer's guide price: 13.41-14.41 After subsidy guide price: 5.98-6.98 million Chery eQ electric vehicles are called 'little ants'. It is a common phenomenon that the city is crowded and cannot find parking spaces. Chery eQ1 can solve this kind of problem, especially suitable for use in the city, and its flexibility has become the advantage of this car. This car is a cute one, with a length of 3200mm, a width of 1670mm, and a height of 1550mm, making it particularly convenient to drive. In terms of power, it is equipped with a 6.6kw charger, the maximum endurance can reach 410 kilometers, and the performance is good. 2. BYD Yuan New Energy subsidies for sale: 7.99-9.99 million new BYD Yuan cars have a family-style appearance and a more design sense. Compared with the elements before the revision, it is more beautiful. The interior design is still the familiar BYD design, the interior part is actually similar to the fuel version of the car, so there is no special feeling of novelty. However, the slush molding soft process is used in the materials, which makes the overall look no longer so cheap. Space and power are also relatively good, and this car is also quite suitable for starting.
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