ajax, ont., toddler sees 5 doctors before button battery found in esophagus

by:CTECHi     2019-12-04
Katie Smith\'s parents are in anX-
Ray finally revealed that two peopleyear-
He swallowed a button battery.
It burns in her esophagus.
Health Canada warned parents that after swallowing the batteryThe of the two, Barton batteriessaskattot was scarredyear-
Her mother said the old man was rushed to hospital on Friday to have surgery for a sick child and is currently recovering.
Anger masks Christina Smith\'s relief, she said, as the top four doctors sent their family home and told them their daughter had a cold.
\"Take it lightly and try to get the doctor to really listen to us, it\'s hell,\" Ajax, Ont said . \". , mother said.
\"Her symptoms have not changed or improved . . . . . . So we believe very firmly that we will not leave [last]
Until we get the answers we need. \"When the X-
Ray returned Friday morning at Ajax Valley Ajax and pickeringhospender and found a small lump in Katie\'s chest, who was taken by ambulance to the Children\'s Hospital in Toronto.
Her parents said Katie had surgery within an hour after arriving at the sick child.
They all say that they are grateful for their advocacy for more investigations, as this minimizes the number of investigations that have taken long periods of time.
Long-term damage caused.
\"There will certainly be some scar tissue, and it may be a little swollen now,\" Smith said . \".
\"It takes about four to six weeks to fully heal.
\"Fortunately, Smith said the metal shell did not leak anything, and the incident has killed dozens of children in the United States. S.
The Smiths first noticed Katie making love in February.
And her tolakeridgehealthawa-
But after the doctor listened to her chest examination, he said her lungs and airways sounded clear and they sent her home.
\"We went for a walk the next day --
\"At the clinic,\" Smith said.
\"The same thing, they checked her airway, checked the back of her throat, and saw if there was any blockage in the back.
Checked her ears, no infection, nothing.
The mother said: \"But the little girl can\'t eat, drool, very sleepy. Dr.
Dina Kulik said it is critical for parents to observe these symptoms.
Health Canada reported that about 65 children were taken to hospital after swallowing a button cell.
The Toronto pediatrician said: \"If the child has difficulty coughing, choking, or eating . . . . . . You should ask the doctor for advice . \".
\"The battery and some kind of magnet are the two big issues we \'ve been worried about.
\"Go buy your 2nd opinionated battery and charge it in your body, which can burn and permanently damage the esophagus, stomach and intestines,\" she said.
Magnets can also attract each other, which can also tear or damage the stomach system.
Smith said Katie seems to be getting better with popsicles and she should get limited results from the battery.
But the mother said she wanted other parents to promote the health of her children.
\"You know your children better than anyone else,\" she said . \".
\"So, if you don\'t believe that your doctor has the answer you need, then ask for your second opinion, the third opinion, whatever you need.
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