'Youth' hydrogen fuel cell buses have been suspended on the road, and they will not go far after refilling hydrogen each time

by:CTECHi     2021-09-22
On May 25, the reporter of 'Daily Economic News' learned from the relevant person in charge of Jiangsu Rugao Xingxing Bus Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Rugao Xingxing Bus) that the three hydrogen fuel cell buses purchased by the company are currently suspended from operation. The reason is that hydrogen energy is insufficient and difficult to replenish. The person said that the local government is already planning to build a hydrogen refueling station. It is reported that in June 2018, three hydrogen fuel cell buses jointly developed and produced by Youth Automobile Group and Nantong Baiying Energy Co., Ltd. have been delivered to Rugao Xingxing Bus and put into operation. At that time, Youth Motor Chairman Pang Qingnian said that the vehicle is equipped with BYFC-A30KW-002 hydrogen fuel cell system and a powertrain of 30KW; the power source of the bus is 4 hydrogen tanks with a total capacity of 560 liters, and is equipped with one Lithium batteries are used to respond to emergency measures, and the vehicle can continue to travel 440Km when fully loaded with hydrogen. However, the relevant person in charge of the Rugao Xingxing bus said that the 102 hydrogen fuel cell bus has only been in operation for more than 20 days so far. 'The car is a good car, but it doesn't go far after the hydrogen refueling.' According to the above-mentioned relevant person in charge, the hydrogen fuel cell bus can run up to tens of kilometers after being filled with hydrogen energy. After that, it will be pulled to the development zone Nantong Baiying Energy Co., Ltd. for hydrogenation. According to its explanation, the 102 hydrogen fuel cell buses are currently parked and charged in the Rugao Economic Development Zone. The kinetic energy of the vehicles is mainly converted into electricity after being charged with hydrogen, while the hydrogen is transported from outside. At the Rugao Xingxing bus site, a reporter from 'Daily Economic News' saw about 10 charging piles. A bus driver told reporters that these charging piles are used for charging ordinary electric buses. Contrary to the statement of the person in charge of the aforementioned Rugao Xingxing bus, the bus driver said that the 102 hydrogen fuel cell bus only operated for one day. Two Rugao citizens told reporters that only occasionally can I see the 102 bus on the road, it is not a daily operation.
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