With a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan, Shanshan Technology's lithium battery anode material project is progressing smoothly

by:CTECHi     2021-09-21
The total investment of the project is 1.2 billion yuan, covering an area of u200bu200b317 acres, and it is important to build a graphitization process base of 50,000 tons among 100,000 tons of lithium-ion battery anode materials. Up to now, the processing workshop and the main body of the warehouse have been completed, and they are in the stage of installing the color panels of the processing workshop and the wall purlins of the warehouse; the office building, the comprehensive maintenance building, the dormitory building and the dining hall have been capped, and the masonry and secondary structure construction phase has been entered. After the entire project is completed and put into production, it is estimated that the entire project can achieve annual sales revenue of 3.8 billion yuan and annual taxation of 200 million yuan. The main product of the project, the anode material for lithium-ion batteries is a key component of lithium-ion batteries. The quality of its products has a decisive influence on the performance of lithium-ion batteries. As a new type of green energy source, lithium-ion batteries have It is widely used in portable electrical appliances (such as laptops, video cameras, mobile communications) and electric bicycles. Large-capacity lithium-ion batteries have also been tried in electric vehicles and are expected to become one of the important power sources for electric vehicles in the 21st century. Shanshan Technology is a large-scale domestic lithium-ion battery anode material processing company with independent intellectual property rights. The lithium-ion battery anode materials processed by it have similar quality to similar foreign products, and some indicators are better than foreign products. Have a solid sales market. (Feng Hao)
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