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Bring harmony to your remote control
Logitech\'s control system when it launched the award-
They won the Harmony universal remote control line a few years ago, making the task of controlling multiple media sources in your home simple, but they didn\'t stop.
The company continues to expand, announcing its latest addition to the product lineup, Harmony Ultimate, their latest universal remote control, and the addition of the RF receiver Harmony Center.
This new remote control adds more impressive features, including Bluetooth and the ability to add a smartphone as a remote control.
While the remote seems a bit scary, programming is simple.
In short, connect the remote control to the USB port of the computer and visit the Logitech website for programming instructions (www. logitech. com).
This allows you to customize the six buttons on your remote control
Color LCD touch screen and back-lit buttons.
Just press your favorite channel and everything you need will open.
This remote control allows the display of up to 50 of your favorite TV channel icons.
Harmony universal remote control can work with more than 225,000 different home theater devices including DVD player, receiver, satellite box, video
Consoles and TV.
You can even set your mood by adjusting your lights with one touch.
New Center of harmony
The key difference between last year\'s \"Far Away\" and \"Harmony Ultimate\"
Is a receiver that enables you to control your device through walls, enclosed entertainment cabinets, or wherever it may be stored, meaning no sight is required.
As long as you put the black ice hockey in
Near your component, it will receive infrared and Bluetooth signals from the remote control.
The new hub also allows you to turn your smartphone and tablet into a universal remote control using the free Harmony app for Android and iOS.
A single remote control can control up to 15 devices, space-
Charging includes a savings terminal. Details: $349. 99, www. logitech.
ComTechnology in CupholderTHE iLuv MobiCup is the perfect choice for summer cooking and road travel.
The cylindrical wireless Bluetooth speaker is designed to sit on the cup holder of the car
Even a recliner.
Play music or hand-
Free phone calls.
With its crisp sound, it has a built-in
In the microphone, it\'s a splash-
Suitable for outdoor activities.
All buttons that control incoming calls and volume are at the top-
Easy to install.
Lithium inside-
The ion rechargeable battery will last more than 8 hours before USB charging is required. Details: $59. 99, www. iluv. com; $24. 99, www. amazon.
I had a feeling before opening the OGIO Covert shoulder laptop bag that would be satisfactory.
This lightweight, vertical laptop bag is 36-by-24-by-
6 cm, everything you need from your phone and stationery to your laptop and power supply has a compartment.
The bag with water-
Coating-resistant with durable zippers, with the right space to fit everything you need without appearing big and bulky.
You can also squeeze enough space out of your tablet, some other chargers and headphones.
This one is made of denim.
Like heather gray or black.
Both have an adjustable shoulder strap with padding to increase comfort. Details: $69.
99, greggellman @ mac
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