Will polymer lithium batteries explode easily?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-24

Is polymer lithium battery easy to explode. The current polymer is mostly soft pack battery, which uses aluminum plastic film as the outer shell. When organic electrolyte is used inside, it will not explode even if the liquid is very hot, because aluminum plastic film polymer battery It adopts solid or colloidal state without leakage, but spontaneous rupture. But nothing is absolute. If the instantaneous current is large enough and a short circuit occurs, it is not impossible for the battery to spontaneously ignite or burst. The safety accidents of mobile phones and tablet computers are mostly caused by this situation. The correct charging method of polymer lithium battery 1. Please confirm that the temperature is in a low temperature environment when charging. The low temperature protection mechanism of polymer lithium battery will promote the chemical reaction of substances in the battery, so that it cannot be charged or the charging speed is slowed down. At high temperatures, the battery will be unstable and even cause an explosion! 2. Pay attention to the number of recharges. 'Eat less and eat more'. There is a saying: each mobile phone battery has a fixed number of recharges. If the number of recharges is too much, it will accelerate the aging and strain of the battery! In fact, this is wrong. Like human beings, polymer lithium batteries pay attention to eating less and more meals. Frequent charging is actually a little better for the battery! 3. The new battery needs to be activated? This is required for previous batteries, but now polymer lithium batteries are no longer needed! 4. The first charge should not be too long. The first charge does not require anything to be fully charged for 12 hours. The first charge only needs to be charged as usual! 5. Shut down and charge if conditions permit, * is to shut down while charging, this is the best maintenance for the battery. Playing with your mobile phone while charging is not only harmful to the battery, but also harmful to the human body! 6. Try not to overcharge, and unplug the charger in time after full charge. How long is the life of lithium polymer batteries in general? The life of lithium polymer batteries in mobile phones or laptops is generally about 5 years. Baoding Xingchi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Baoding, a famous historical and cultural city. The company is a production enterprise specializing in new energy research and development, production, sales, installation and service. The company is mainly dedicated to the research and development and production of lithium batteries and other new energy products. The company has always been market-oriented, with sincere service as its purpose, and constantly strengthened its own construction, with 'satisfying users and creating well-known brands' as its operating policy, and actively applying advanced scientific methods to ensure product quality and meet user needs. . The company is thinking of what you think, and sincerely cooperates with you according to your business philosophy and high quality and high service. Will polymer lithium batteries explode? What is the correct charging method? Where are the manufacturers? The above content is for reference only. For more information about the product, you can call for consultation or add WeChat or contact customer service. Polymer battery is a third-generation lithium-ion battery developed on the basis of the original steel shell and aluminum shell battery. With its lighter, thinner, and higher energy density characteristics, it has been favored by domestic and foreign communication terminal manufacturers and design companies. Favor. The fundamental difference between polymer lithium-ion battery and liquid lithium-ion battery* is that the electrolyte used in the two is different

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